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  1. AntDoctor

    Help with last-minute wedding beer recipe: I have too many hops!

    I am getting married in three weeks, and I just now decided I want to serve a homebrewed beer at the reception. We already will have a keg of my sparkling hydromel (session mead), bottles of my blueberry wine at the tables, and a cooler of miscellaneous commercial beers. However, I have two more...
  2. AntDoctor

    Ways to THIN out a porter and increase ABV?

    Hello! I'm brewing up a 1 gallon porter using mesquite bean pods that I harvested and rye berries that a friend donated. Unlike my previous porter/stout attempts, I wanted this bad boi to have a high final gravity: I desire sweetness and a thick 'n creamy mouthfeel. Whelp, my monkey's-paw-type...
  3. AntDoctor

    Michigan Looking for yeast strains from the now-defunct Craft Cultures company in Michigan

    I'll be living in Michigan this summer, and I want to make a Michigan brew that's VERY Michigan-focused. Through my searches, I learned that Michigan used to have its own yeast company, but it seems that it must have closed during the pandemic or something. I know this is a longshot, but I'm...
  4. AntDoctor

    How did they carbonate beer in ye olden times?

    I've been wondering about this recently, but how did past brewers carbonate/pressurize their beer? I hope this is the right sub forum, but I'm curious how brewers from medieval times to around the 1700s managed to carbonate beer. Like, did they bottle condition it? Crown caps are a relatively...
  5. AntDoctor

    Bitter, over-hoppy, danky, lingering aftertaste.

    I've been doing a few sparkling hop-water batches and the Pale Ale II kit from Northern Brewer and maybe another recipe, and I feel like things have a tendency to taste super hop-bitter with a lingering aftertaste that sticks to the tongue. I FEEL like this taste usually fades after a week, and...
  6. AntDoctor

    Heating a keezer/fermentation chamber: best options?

    I am using my custom-made keezer as a temperature-controlled fermentation chamber, at least during the holidays. I was checking the temp while I was away (it sends the temperature info to a server via the Wi-Fi) and I noticed that it wasn't oscillating or even reaching the minimum temperature I...
  7. AntDoctor

    Does steeping specialty grains add calories?

    People say that steeping grains (as opposed to mashing) adds no fermentable sugars. But does this still add calories to the beer or just ... calorie-less flavors? I'm thinking about making a gallon of sparkling hopwater, and I'm wondering if I can add some malt flavor via steeped grains without...
  8. AntDoctor

    Bits of grain floating in first BIAB brew?

    Quick question: I just started my first BIAB, and I've noticed that there are tons of slivers of (what I imagine must be) grain floating around. The nylon bag I used for the BIAB didn't have the **tightest** mesh, but it still seems weird. Is this normal? Will they sink or is there something...
  9. AntDoctor

    Laboratory autoclave created brown precipitate in DME agar media

    I wanted to start slanting yeast, and I work in a lab, so I have access to a real industry level autoclave. I just made my first batch of slants tonight, using 90ml water, 9g of DME, 1.8g agar. (2% agar, 10% DME) I boiled and dissolved the agar with the DME, poured it into some upright culture...
  10. AntDoctor

    EVA + DuoTight + ... Picnic Tap?

    Since apparently EVA lines and DuoTight are the future, I'm planning on slowly switching my stuff to the EVA universe. However, I can't find any picnic taps that connect to EVA lines. Am I going crazy? Is there a cheap faucet to serve from EVA barrier beer lines?
  11. AntDoctor

    Keezer cycling question

    I know this seems to get brought up all the time, but I'm worried my homemade keezer is cycling too often. I think it's a 5 or 7 cu ft freezer, without any external modifications (I just ran two wires in under the lid and gasket). I'm using a temperature probe that's hanging and measuring the...
  12. AntDoctor

    Suuuper slow pour from floating dip tube?

    So I am fermenting and serving a braggot from a single 5 gallon keg. The beer is only 3 gallons, if that matters. I'm using a floating diptube (the "FLOTit" found here) to pour and serve it. However, even when I crank up the pressure to something like 20+ PSI, the beer hardly trickles out my...
  13. AntDoctor

    From wort to serving: What are the disadvantages of this lazy brewing setup?

    As I lay awake last night, insomnia running wild, I spent a long time thinking about the laziest (and cheapest) brewing setup that I could possibly imagine. It's not quite automated, but it does remove most of the headaches I experience post-boil. Let me hear your thoughts on this possible...