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    DT's Conical Build

    Hi dtfeld, I purchased several of the same conical plastic fermenters. I have a few questions: 1. What did you do for an airlock/blowoff? 2. Racking port...did you not install one on the side of the cone? 3. What type of hose connections (if any), did you hook up to your racking port and...
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    Brewing in the tropics...hops/herbs/malting help

    I'm currently living in Thailand hoping to brew up some beer (or more likely a gruit-like beer). I have access to raw sorghum and rice (not extract), local yeast (used for rice brandy), but no hops. I prefer not to import hops considering time restraints. Homebrewing is illegal in Thailand...
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    Wrong yeast for Hefeweizen

    So it's almost midnight and I just now realized I picked up the wrong yeast. Instead of Wyeast 3068 Weihenstephan Weizen, it seems I picked up a pack of Wyeast Pacman 1764. I don't have much to work with. On hand, I have Safale-05, Red Star Champagne Yeast, and a 3-year old expired Muntons dry...
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    Making wine in India

    I'm not very familiar with winemaking but I lived in Egypt for a while and similarly had few resources but I rigged up some brewing equipment there with minimal resources. Bread yeast is often easily accessible and can be used to ferment various juices. I used cherry juice and also looked at...
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    Time crunch, contest entry...please advise.

    I entered an American Pale Ale and a Belgian Blonde. Not quite ready, but I felt kinda guilty taking up 3 reservations and not giving them anything. I held off on the Porter- ya, it's a bit big- I beefed up my original recipe just for the hell of it. But ya, the grand prize is absolutely insane...
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    Time crunch, contest entry...please advise.

    Thanks for the help fellas, but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna sit this one- at least I'm doing nothing to rush it otherwise. I'm near Mission Bay, bhatch- close to HomeBrewMart. How about yourself?
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    Time crunch, contest entry...please advise.

    Yup, that's the one bhatch. I found out late in the game. After sampling, I've decided to sit on these ones for a while rather than rush it. I think they taste great at this stage, but the size is a problem. Bummer.
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    Time crunch, contest entry...please advise.

    Thanks OD. I understand that, and considering the less-than-ideal time available, I'm trying to do the best I can considering the circumstances. And thanks BC, but I'm already content with my brews, not looking just to enter something for the heck of it, but hopefully something that I think...
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    Time crunch, contest entry...please advise.

    Dear all, I uncovered a homebrew contest entry just last week that will be held the first week of October. Fresh off a thrilling and quite honestly, surprising 1st place win at the county fair (it was my first contest entry), I figured it would be a fantastic opportunity to brew once again for...
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    what to do about PAPAYAS?

    Cool, I appreciate the ideas. Either way, typically when I venture off and try something different, I split a 5 gal batch and in 1/2- rack 1/2 on top of the papayas and keep the other 1/2 as is in a 2nd vessel just in case things go soul (figuratively or literally), so the batch ain't a complete...
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    what to do about PAPAYAS?

    So I was picking up canned blueberries for a brew and came across a bunch of canned papayas on clearance. I figured it could make for an interesting beer or mead, so I thought I'd pick them up. And now that I've got them, I'm curious- anybody got any recommendations? They are papayas, canned...
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    HELP: left extract at LHBS! Now...

    Thanks for the help everyone. I was too concerned with the risk of potential spoilage that I just winged it. I had wanted to get rid of those old Mr. Beer cans as well, so I put them to use. It turned out to be right around the amount of extract I needed for my recipe. Sure, it might not measure...
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    HELP: left extract at LHBS! Now...

    So here's the deal: I'm brewing a partial mash (of BM's SWMBO Slayer Belgian Blonde Ale, to be exact). At this point, I've done my mash, sparge, and am raising my wort to a boil. I just now realized that I left my extract back at the LHBS. It's now closed. I have only about 1/4# of the needed 4...
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    American Porter Bee Cave Brewery Robust Porter

    Thanks a lot Ed. I'll do my best to represent your work well here out West.
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    American Porter Bee Cave Brewery Robust Porter

    Hate to be a drag on this thread, but any chance at getting an extract conversion of this? I've been wanting to I move up to PM, and it's about time too, so that could work as well. Thanks. This looks great, just what I'm looking for.
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    Socal newbie here

    Welcome to the forums from another southern californian. Depending where you live, I'm sure we could help you out by referring a particular homebrew store. It's got some upfront costs, but those are relatively cheap, and a result, you get to make your own beer! I've personally used...
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    Clumpy DME

    Hot water dissolves it much easier. The clumps stay clumpier in colder water. When I first got started with a Mr Beer kit, it said to dissolve the sugar in cold water, then raise to a boil, and add the canned extract. I don't know why their directions were so opposite of what I do now. But I'd...
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    Fat tire cans?!

    Those are some interesting canned beers posted. Watermelon wheat? I think canning is great if they can do it. For the most part, I think we just assume canning is "selling out" because you mainly see the big corporate beers can while the microbreweries bottle in glass just the same as we do...
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    Hard Lemonade

    I'm going to make a small 2 gallon batch of this. You said it tastes best in the 1.010-1.020 range. Is there any way to control stopping it at this point? I've heard (I think by you) that even with potassium sorbate, it's difficult to stop this fermentation. I'd also like to carb some, so that...
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    Interest in a Historic Beer Swap?

    This sounds like fun. Too bad I still use extract- I guess that sort of defeats the purpose of this. I say go for something like that Tutankhamen Ale that Newcastle brewed and sold for about $100/each. Check out this link for an ancient Egyptian-style beer. Sounds pretty old school. Definitely...