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  1. J


    I brewed 2 batches of mead about 3months ago. After 2 weeks I racked from primary to secondary and its been sitting since and hasn't cleared up a whole lot. Should I be concerned or just keep waiting? I made some years ago but don't remember how long it took. Here are a few pictures. I did...
  2. J

    Mash tun size for 3gal and 1 gal

    I only want to brew 3gal and 1 gallon all grain. I like hefe-weisse and stouts, along with Belgium style. Can I get by with a 5 gallon cooler or so I need larger?
  3. J

    Bottling after Bottling?

    I plan on making some mead here shortly. My question is last time I made it i bottled and capped it in beer bottles. This time I was going to make a bigger batch and put in wine bottles and cork it. My question is after I uncork it can I re-bottle it? Or how do I have to drink the rest of the...
  4. J

    cold grain mashing

    i've got some grains in my fridge in a plastic zip lock back that have been crushed and i want to know if i have to do anything different then add water and bring my mash up to 150-155? do i really need to bring grains out of fridge and let warm up via natural air or can i just add warmer water...
  5. J

    water volume rounding up or down

    if beersmith gives a volume of .39 quarts round up to .5 quarts or down to .25 quarts? does it matter? what about for small batches like a gallon or 2 to 3 gallons? i have 2 different pitchers 1 with .25 quart increments and another with .5 quart increments so i could do either
  6. J

    Complete EBIAB Questions

    so after reading a few articles on electric brewing i've been thinking about looking into more but have questions. i'm brewing 1-3 gallons and maybe.... going to 5 but probably not just because i like variety and i don't go through it that fast. so in the good spirit of minimalism i'm...
  7. J

    bourbon soaked oak chips in small batches

    any one have a recommendation for how much and how long to soak oak chips in bourbon for a 1 or 2.5gallon batch of either porter or stout? last time i tried this it came out WAY to oaky. i've seen lots of threads for 5 gallon batches but not smaller batches. plus it doesn't seem like a...
  8. J

    buying honey

    where do you guys buy your honey from? reasonably priced of course......
  9. J

    Brew size vs Pot Size

    i posted this in equipment too, wasn't sure which was the better section so i typically brew AG 1 gallon or 2 or 2.5 gallon batches. so i've heard a 5 gallon pot will work well for a 2.5 gallon batch, right? so my question is can i use it for 1 gallon batches as well or is it too much pot...
  10. J

    Pot Size vs brew batch size

    so i typically brew AG 1 gallon or 2 or 2.5 gallon batches. so i've heard a 5 gallon pot will work well for a 2.5 gallon batch, right? so my question is can i use it for 1 gallon batches as well or is it too much pot? could i use 2 smaller pots for the boil and split the hops ect.. equally? what...
  11. J

    1 Gallon All Grain Brew Buying On-Line

    So do any of you 1 gallon brewers buy grain on-line? if so were? is there any place on-line you can buy grains ect.. for less than 1lb? worst case i suppose is i can freeze the grains to use later for another batch..... i know even crushed grains in an air tight bag stored in freezer will...
  12. J

    Brew Toad

    Anyone use brew toad? thoughts? goods/bads? it seems like you only get one equipment profile but unlimited recipe storage, scale recipes ect....
  13. J

    Temporary Bottle Labeling

    so i've been wanting a cheap way of labeling my bottles of the date i bottled and what's in them. i didn't really like sharpies and i've tried china markers, washable crayons and almost everything in between. today i was in michaels and stumbled across this paint pen that is water resistant...
  14. J

    Other brews besides beers and ciders

    So what are other things people have brewed besides beers and ciders? I've got a friend who likes the idea of brewing but doesn't like beer that much, he thought about cider but was wondering what else people brew.....
  15. J

    Maple Syrup brew?

    I was wondering if anyone has created an alcoholic drink directly from maple syrup? maybe something like a cider since that's directly from apples? if anyone has what's your recipe? how'd you do it?
  16. J

    Plastic and Star Sans - micro cracks...

    Has anyone experienced their siphons or bottling cane or anything else plastic related get micro cracks in it after repeated use? I'm wondering if this is from star sans? i wouldn't think so but have no idea why i have some hard plastic stuff get micro cracks and turn brittle......
  17. J

    Wooden Dowel Dip Stick

    Thoughts on using polyurethane to seal a wood dip stick for volume measurement? I know the stuff is waterproof and wouldn't think anything would leach out after dried.
  18. J

    PH Meters

    Ok all you beer makers and mead makers. Anyone have a PH meter? Suggestions on brand/model? are they really needed?
  19. J

    DIY Hops and BIAB Bag's

    I just went to JoAnn's at lunch and bought 2 yards of 100% polyester viole to make some hops and BIAB bags. Only reason I bought so much is because it was on sale total cost was $8.88 :) I'm sure I'm going to have plenty left over after I get done making what I want so if anyone wants me to make...
  20. J

    gravity and volume

    So kinda of a nub question but what's the difference between runoff gravity, meas pre-boil gravity, measured OG, measured FG. I'm pretty sure OG is measured when you transfer the wort into the fermenter, FG is measured right before bottling/kegging but what's the difference between runoff...