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    Very dry, slightly medicinal blonde ale. Explanations?

    I recently brewed a simple blonde ale: 3.0kg pilsner malt (86%) 0.25kg 60L crystal (7%) 0.25kg wheat malt (7%) 10g pacific jade (14.6%AA) at 60 mins 10g pacific jade at 10 mins 15g NZ cascade dry hop Wellington NZ tap water (which I've used happily many times) Mashed (thin) at 65.5C...
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    AG Bohemian Pilsner (first lager!) Recipe Questions

    It's finally got cold enough to make my first lager down here in NZ, and I'm planning on having a brew day tomorrow. How does this recipe look? I guess the Munich might be a little out of place, but the ADM pils malt I'll be using has a reputation for being a bit on the "bland" side, and I...
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    Weissbier Hefelump (Bavarian Hefeweizen)

    A simple but tasty Hefeweizen. Had a lot of sulphur taste and aroma when I opened the first one five days after bottling but this entirely disappeared after another three weeks in the bottle. The cool fermentation led to a delicious wheaty, tart flavour. A fair bit of clove, with just a hint...
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    Using Hefe yeast with no wheat?

    It'll soon be time to bottle my second batch of Hefeweizen and I will, of course, be left with some nice hefe yeast slurry. This yeast was harvested from a bottle of Emerson's Weissbier, so I don't know the exact strain. It fermented at around 18C, and has produced a fairly clean hefe, with...
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    Sulfur Smell from Hefeweizen after bottling

    I brewed a hefe a few weeks ago. It was all grain 50/50 wheat and pilsner malt, made with proper Bavarian hefe yeast harvested from an Emerson's Weissbier. I bottled straight out of the primary after 13 days, and got a bit of protein (a white layer of sediment in the bottles on top of the...
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    What to brew as a "starter" for a doppelbock?

    It's getting near to winter now in New Zealand, so lager season is coming on. I want to brew a doppelbock in a couple months time, and am planning on just pitching it on to the yeast cake from a lower gravity beer. The question is, what beer? I'll probably be using Fermentis S-23...
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    White "Floaties" in my starter (harvested from a commercial beer)

    Hi everyone, I've been working on harvesting some yeast from a commercial hefeweizen for the last week or so. A few days back I noticed some opaque white stuff on top of the wort in the 500ml bottle I started out with. Shortly afterward a nice clean foam started appearing on top of the...
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    Is my yeast harvest from a commercial beer working?

    About 40 hours ago I emptied out all but 75ml of a 500ml Emerson's Weissbier. There was plenty of sediment on the bottom (and, of course suspended yeast too.) I flame sterilized the bottle lip and added about 250ml of boiled, lightly hopped wort, then covered the top with aluminum foil that...
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    Low OG Brown Ale fermenting now... What next?

    I've currently got a low OG (1.036) brown ale in my primary: 17L batch 1kg Pale LME 1kg Maris Otter 0.5kg 80L Crystal 0.1kg Chocolate 10g Sticklebract 12.2AA @ 60mins 10g NZ Goldings 4.1AA @ 15mins S-04 Yeast The question is, what to make next? I've never fermented on an old yeast...
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    Hi from Wellington, New Zealand

    Just taking advantage of a bit of downtime while my latest brew (a Northern English Brown Ale) is on the boil. Though I currently live in NZ, I'm originally from Canada and it's been kind of fun comparing homebrewing in each of the two countries (most notably the kinds of supplies available...