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    Advice sought: Puzzling difference in fermentation between 2 identical carboys

    This is actually a wine related question, peach wine in particular. We started 2 5 gal buckets of peach wine recently. The peaches were all hand-picked and consistent in quality. Added meta and 1/2 the sugar to start, then waited 24 hours to pitch (same yeast strain, same production date). The...
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    Selling my all-grain system here in Phx

    Anyone that's looking for a complete all-grain system, please check out my ad in the classifieds section. Got sick & need to sell. Mods - if this violates the rules please delete & accept my apologies. Just wanted to hit up the locals as it's something I'm only selling locally. Thanks!
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    Arizona - Complete 15 gal brew system - like new!

    SOLD. Thank you to everyone who commented on the system.
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    Bottles for beer competition?

    Reading the BJCP rulebook, I see there's a prohibition against any form of bottle labeling / markings on contest entries. My question: Does this apply to the bottle itself? Can you use bottles with a brewery's name embossed in the glass?
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    Who Lagers the 'commercial' way?

    So I'm reading up on lagering, and have learned that the traditional German method involves transfer to secondaries before attenuation is complete, an extended secondary fermentation at lagering temps, no diacetyl rest since the yeast are still doing this in secondary, etc. Apparently the...
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    Pointers on brewing Asian (Chinese, Japanese) style lagers

    Basically, I want to produce something similiar to Tsing-Tao (especially tsing-tao) or other Asian-style lagers that rely heavily on rice. I've never brewed a lager before, but want to start here when I do. Any suggestions on ingredients, amounts, yeast strains, or brewing techniques?
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    Recommend me a yeast that throws banana

    What I'm looking for is this: A yeast that flocullates well. A yeast with good attentuation. A yeast that can be coaxed to throw banana esters. A yeast that doesn't throw any other flavors in substantial amounts. Basically, I'm brewing a beer that I'd like to have some banana flavor in...
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    how to rewarm after crashing/fining for chill haze

    I presently have a batch cold-conditioning in secondaries (carboys). When I transferred to the secondaries a few days ago, I added a properly-prepared gelatin solution for use in fining. This was done at fermentation temp (65). I then immediately turned the temp down to 34. This was all done in...
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    yeast falling out in 'bands'

    Ok... this is the first time I've used glass carboys for my primary fermenters. At 10 days past pitching, fermentation appears to pretty much be winding down (visually). Looking through the side of the fermenter, I've noticed two distinct bands of mildly-flocullated yeast (aside from the layer...
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    Attenuation... this doesn't make sense to me

    So I stumble upon the following in the local 'wiki' entry on attenuation: "Though yeast strains are able to ferment all the sugars in the beer, they usually don't get to. In contrast to a forced ferment test, beer is generally fermented at lower temperatures, with smaller pitching rates and...
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    At what point is it necessary to add yeast when bottling?

    I've currently got two carboys going on the same wort... one w/ WL004 (irish ale) and the other w/ WL002 (english ale). My plans are to keep in the primaries for at least 2-4 weeks, rack to secondaries, then cold crash for another 2 weeks (maybe more) to around 35 degrees, and possibly add some...
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    How long will tank of propane last?

    I know there are PLENTY of variables to consider, but on average, how many hours would you expect a 20lb propane tank to last before it starts getting low? For reference, I have a Bayou Classic KAB4 burner w/ advertised BTUs of 210,000. I use this single burner alone to heat mash sparge water...
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    Lessons learned from first all-grain experience

    1) exhaustive planning beforehand nets benefits (like hitting my mash temp dead-nuts on, being within .001 of my estimated OG, & coming out w/ 10 gallons exact into the fermenters.) 2) mistaking exhaustive planning for something not quite exhaustive yields surprises (like not realizing how...