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    North Carolina Now you can have the most awesomest tap handles in the world!

    You old-timers will appreciate these. If you don't know what they are, watch the scene in Apocalypse Now, with Robert Duvall....those helicopters were UH-1H. The Bell "Huey". They've been decommissioned. These are the anti-torque foot pedals used, in part, to steer the aircraft. I was...
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    North Carolina Found more stuff Books, bottling wand, BeerSmith 2

    Found some more stuff tonight. Books: $10 each (shipping included). Great shape, not dog-earred.
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    North Carolina Items for sale

    ~60' of new Bev-seal ultra barrier tubing $60 shipped. Red Baron Wing Capper $15 shipped.
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    How to make your homebrew taste better

    Don't buy any beer. Just drink your homebrew. Soon, it will be the best beer you've tasted in a long time.
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    North Carolina Auberins 2352 PID

    My PID was coding 04CJ, so I ordered a new one. Turns out it was an indicator lamp in my control box and my mad circuitry skills. Anyway, I'm selling my old one for for $27.50 shipped. Works fine. The only blemish is part of the sticker (pictured) is missing. PayPal preferred.
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    Brewmaster's Warehouse Discount Codes?

    Anybody have the latest code? I used to get them via email, but it's been ages since I've received an email from them.
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    Auberin 2352 PID is coding "04CJ"

    I ran an auto-tune on my PID due to system changes. All was well. Yesterday, the PID was intermittently coding "04CJ" , only when the load indicator light was off. I called Auberins, and the tech told me it was the reset code. He suggested that there was an induction leak somewhere between...
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    Brewing with Creek Water?

    I read the 2010 thread about brewing with river water in TN. But that was 2010. Who knows what evils lurk in the waters today? Anyway, a buddy and I were thinking it would be pretty cool to set-up alongside a nearby creek and actually brew with the water. Bring some food, some beer, some...
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    Threads to nowhere

    Once, in 2011, I started a thread asking for the winners of the HBT Homebrew Contest to share some of their tips. You know, things that wouldn't necessarily be included in a recipe. I thought I would be mining the heart and soul of the global homebrewing community. Information extraction...
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    Any brewers with earrings? Do you wear them to work? What age do you think that earrings are inappropriate (for males)? I just put mine back in. It's been 10 months. I think it looks fabulous. It highlights my crimson lips and voluptuous cheeks, while accentuating my more masculine properties.
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    Catfish Chowder

    This recipe is from a retired game warden friend of mine. It's called "Big Ben's Yum Yum Catfish Chowder" The name says it all. This makes a pretty big pot. Probably for 6 or 8 people. We always half every ingredient for two people with plenty of leftovers. It's too simple to taste so...
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    Deleted thread. Oldbucket, need a shipping address.
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    Giving knife as a gift folklore

    There is a tradition, or a superstition of sorts, that unless a coin or some other token is given in exchange for the knife, the relationship will be severed. What if one were to include a coin in the gift and the recipient gave the coin back to the giver? Technically, the recipient received...
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    Reusing better bottle after infection?

    I finally got my first infection. I know where it came from. I used a cracked autosyphon tube as a wine thief. There was a nice pellicle on top of my roggenbier after a couple of weeks. I *might* have left it in the primary a little long, going on six weeks. I'd take a picture, but it broke...
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    Dry Hopping in a Sanke

    Not much information on the process. I'm using one of Derrin's kits for the sanke fermenter. I plan on harvesting yeast with CO2 and then dry-hopping with 6 or so ounces of pellets. I would really like to transfer the finished beer under pressure, but I can't see that happening without a...
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    Fermentation Temperature for Bell's Two Hearted Ale

    The latest recipe for Two Hearted Ale (TH) in Zymurgy was supposedly written by Bell's Production Manager. It calls for pitching yeast at 64 F. Then it goes on to say "Ferment warm (ale temperature)". Can one assume "warm" is the the pitching temperature they cited, or should it be warmer...
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    Harvesting Yeast from Bell's Two Hearted Ale

    I poured the dregs from 6 bottles of TH into 300ml of 1.025 wort on the stirplate two nights ago. The color of the starter has barely changed. What should I be looking for? Is it just that the initial yeast cell count is so small that it will take a few days to show activity? Too much starter wort?
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    Poll: HBT Competition Winners - Care to share your secrets?

    I know the winning recipes have been posted, but I thought it might be interesting to see the processes that the winners in the recent competition use. We read about different brewing techniques on here every day. It would be nice to see how the winning brewers actually brew their...
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    BMW Website down?

    Abnormally slow, and secure server is kaput. Anybody else?
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    Condensation issues with Love TSS2-2100?

    Just wanted to see if anyone has had any problems surface-mounting these controllers with the box into the fermentation chamber/freezer/fridge. Any problems with condensation on the electronics during the summer?