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  1. ltwhiskers

    Water way up blowoff tube?

    So I brewed my Chimay Blue clone last weekend and when I checked on it a few days later I was surprised to find that water from the blowoff bowl I use was waaaay up in the tube (like 6 inches of water) reaching vertically out of the bowl up the tube leading back to the carboy. Also, no signs of...
  2. ltwhiskers

    My miraculous drunken megabeer creation

    So I brewed a Red Hook ESB clone all grain kit last month with some buddies. Typically don't drink more than one or two when I'm brewing but with the fellas...we put some back. Well, I made a miscalculation for the final water addition after getting the wort cooled off. Turns out I didn't add...
  3. ltwhiskers

    Today is monumental

    Finished the very last of my failed pumpkin ale (as cooking beer). Only took a year and a half to get rid of it all. :ban:
  4. ltwhiskers

    Wedding beer

    So my sister is getting married later this year and I want to make a small batch of wedding beer to gift to her and my new brother in law. Their favorite beers are Guinness and Yuengling so I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a homebrew recipe keeping these flavors in mind...
  5. ltwhiskers

    Best time to take in a beer

    Let's have it. Your favorite time to crack open a beer, homebrew or otherwise. Mine are: -Immediately after a hot run -At the end of the work day, slumping on the couch -Ice cold can in a hot shower or bath (shower beer FTW) -Anytime during a brew day, of course
  6. ltwhiskers

    You've got $40 in your pocket, what ingredients do you buy?

    A carryover from the popular moderndrunkardmagazine thread "you've got $20, what booze do you get?" So, your carboys, brew kettle and bottles lay at home empty, how would you fill them with $40?