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    From crystal to mud......

    Hi all - I have had an issue lately that has confused the heck out of me - clear beer going very cloudy. By that I mean that batches that even looked good while cold-crashing are turning to mud. I have been lagering a barley wine since April and it is muddy. A red IPA went from wonderfully...
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    Bane of Heimdall

    Critique needed for this NEIPA. It has a grain bill that I would consider appropriate for a saison but should work well in a NEIPA. The yeast (A43 Loki) does wonderful things when fermented in the 85°F range. let me know what you think and please provide frank and honest commentary.
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    An American Rye Barleywine Recipe...

    Hi All, Looking for input on my most recent recipe for an American Barley Wine. - 5.75 gal batch, 1.104 gravity est 16 lb Maris Otter 3.5 Lb Rimrock Rye (Vienna) from Mecca Grade 1.25 lb Crystal 60L 1.0 lb Mealnoiden .375 lb Special B 1 lb invert sugar from Demerara sugar - caramelized to...
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    How on earth did I get this? It's root beer flavor.....

    Hi all, Recently brewed a Saison - 5.75 gallon batch, 6.4% ABV 80% Pils, 17% red wheat, 3% flaked oat Saisonstein's monster yeast Went with American hops - .5 oz [email protected] 60, 1.0 oz Chinook at 2 Somehow, I came up with a root beer flavor. It is not unpleasant, but it is just so strange...
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    Imperial Loki a43 - anyone else like this stuff?

    Back in December, I decided to give this strain a go. Sounded like it would chew through most stuff and by throttling the temps, one could greatly affect the outcome. I did an American strong - Tons of Maris Otter, A blend of Extra Special, Caraaroma, and a few other grains. Hopping was...
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    Help needed to create a flavor - Apricot/Peach

    Good morning, Looking to build an American Rye with 50% Pale, 35% Rye and 15% White Wheat. I love rye and want to feature but build in the subtext of stone fruit - closer to apricot - with hop/yeast profile. (no adjuncts) At the moment, I am looking at a 40% citra, 40% Amarillo, 20% belma...
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    Bottling Belgian-style beers

    Good morning all, Looking for information on bottling a Saison. I am making my first attempt at this style and am curious about the carbonation level and capability of the bottle. This beer style seem s to be carbed to 2.8 – 3.0. I normally never go this high (on purpose) and was wondering...
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    Saison first recipe critique needed

    Hi all, Looking to do my first saison. been milling about, reading things here and there and this is basically an omalgamation of a few recipes. If you have any constructive criticism, I would love to hear it. Any tips or tricks are most definitely
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    Best Brewing Mistake?

    Well - mistakes don't always have to be bad. I made a few on Monday and so far I am flad they happened.... Monday night, I was brewing to get in a batch that was planned for the weekend, but was not able to get done. My plan was for a Honey Porter. A first for me so the recipe was diligently...
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    Summer IPA critique requested

    Hi All, Looking to make a light and flavorful IPA. Not chasing the juicy thing, nor do I want firmly bitter. My hope is to have somehting with a light orange citrusy flavor and body but still within the BJCP guidelines of an IPA. A nice summertime drinker if you will. If you have positive...
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    Barley wine help

    Hi all, Been brewing for a while, but have only hit a few big beers. Never hit a failure, but never tried anything this big. In any event, I an going after an American Barley Wine. (22c) I am going for big everything. ABV, IBU, dark, chewy and hoppy. First time throwing balance out the...
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    Pale Critique

    Well, seems that requesting a pale critique is a little anti climactic. Let's face it - just a pale. Tasty, easy and generally non-offensive. The chance of going "meh" as opposed to "bleh" is decent enough I guess. Easy to make a good one. Still, I am looking to use 4 oz of Belma given to...
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    Treehouse Yeast - temperature range and profile question

    Hi all, Last week, I cracked open a can of Lights On from tree house and enjoyed the hoppy goodness within. As I got near the bottom, I decided to see if I could collect the yeast and grow it to sufficient quantity to use it at home. Well, a week later and I am sitting on a number of mason...
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    BJCP question - what category should I enter a Rye Baltic Porter

    Recipe matches a Baltic Porter, but the addition of nearly 15% rye will be noticed and I was wondering what category to enter the brew in. SHould I go with 9C, or is htere a better choice? Should I go ahead an enter into all categories that may fit?
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    Help Needed - Rye Amber Ale Recipe

    Just had a Rye Amber at a local brew pub. Fantastic stuff. Never considered an amber before. Not sure why, guess I have bad memories of 1990's cloying ambers and one or two popular ambers that are entirely too sweet for my tastes. In any event, I started an AG Rye Amber. Target is decent...
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    Citric Acid - who is using it?

    I am looking into acids for water building and like what I see see so far with citric acid. In fact, I acquired some and tested against the Bru'n water spread sheet to see how well it did relative to predicted performance. Seemed to be spot on. I did tests at 4 gallons as that is close to...
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    Baltic Porter without lagering capabilities

    Every year at this time, I start my adventure on a new brew style. I go for a year, build ffrom a base recipe and see how many true "keepers" I can get ( get about two a year that are real gems). This year, I want to work at Baltic Porters. I do not have lagering ability which is an obvous...
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    DMS in a Pale

    Brewed a pale this week with Golden Priomise 10.5 lbs in 5 gallons, 60 min boil, Hit volumes and beat OG a little Fermenter at 64F Took a small sample just to smell and taste. CORN Malt and corn ANyone ever get this with GP? Any other thing that could cause it?
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    balancing hops - Caliente and Citra

    Morning all - working on a pale and using hops in my freezer and decided to work with three in particular 5.5 gallon batch Beer to be a pale - 11lb 2-row, .5 lb caramunich and 25 lb carapils. Apollo for bittering and then Caliente (completely new hop to me) and Citra for flavor and aroma...
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    Help flavoring Smokey Maple Porter

    Hi all - I am getting ready to run my first porter using maple. My nephew started making Maple syrup this year and has done a simply amazing job if it. After tweaking grain bills on porters to get something that I think will do the trick, I am ready to go. The missing bit of information or...