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    Help with water?!?!

    So my brew partner recently bought a DI filter system so we could transition from Poland springs to DI water. He recently Brewed our flagship award winning DIPA and failed miserably. It was off flavor and much thinner mouthfeel. Just not amazing like we r used to. Just wondering what to start...
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    Another jockey box foam help?

    So we just recently poured out DIPA at a brew fest as part of the home brew comp. We had a small jockey box that had major foam issues so we had to pour out of pitchers as a back up plan. It worked but killed our aroma. We killed it at the fest and came in 5th but I can't help thinking if the...
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    When to add brewing salts

    So we were wondering if we were adding our brewing salts at the right time and if it even matters. We have had great results with our IPAs. We took a gold in Virginia with our DIPA. So we r using ph stabilizer in our mash to achieve 5.2 and adding our salts to the wort after the sparge before...
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    Hops suspended in co2?

    So my buddy and I have just switched to dry hopping our IPAs in kegs and bottling from the keg. We r force carbonating. The first IPA was a double citra with 4 oz of whole cone and 2 oz of pellets. It came out amazing so we thought we had figured it all out with our IPAs. The next IPA was a...
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    Looking to brew DFH Indian brown all AG

    So I'm looking to brew a great version of DFHs Indian brown ale. They is some contradicting recipes on the web. I have some guide lines to go by just wondering if any one had success doing it. I'm looking to do about 5.5 fermenter volume. Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    Hops in the sparge water?

    So I'm not new to brewing but I am going to be doing my first all grain batch tomorrow. I was drinking a worm town hopulence and reading the back of the bottle. It says they do every hop addition for that beer. Great beer too which I'm sure is why it took the gold. It got me thinking though. So...
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    Paring a hop with Maris otter for a smash

    So I'm going to be brewing my first all grain batch Sunday. I want to do a smash for one to keep it simple and two to start picking out flavors of hops and grain. So I doing a Maris otter smash and in the byo it pares it with citra. The only problem is my last extract brew is a all citra pale...
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    Bittering with hop extract or hop shots

    So I'm wondering if any one has used the hop extract in their IPAs. I've heard that Pliny uses it and heady and other real flavor and aroma forward IPAs which I love and seams to be the best thing out there. Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    First time all grain brew questions

    So I have been reading a lot on this site and online to try and make my first all grain go smooth. I realize it won't be perfect because practice makes perfect. So I have a few question about the process. Here's what I "know": I'm going to be doing a simcoe smash with 12 lbs of Maris otter...
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    Igloo cooler ?

    So my brew buddy and I r going to be taking the step up to all grain. I just got a 8 gallon brew pot I have a 30000 Btu burner I'm going to grab a coil wort chiller. I was looking at the new essential all grain system from northern but my buddy is worried about the igloo coolers keeping temp...
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    Bargin home brew pots?

    So I ordered a 8 gallon kettle through bargin home brew on Amazon. I was just wondering if anyone has used these pots and how they work. Most of the reviews were very positive but I figured I would ask u guys. Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    Btu? For all grain brewing

    So I'm going to be moving to all grain soon. I have been doing partial mash for about a year and a half now on my electric stove in my kitchen. I just got a double burner designed for cooking like a camping burner. It says it has 60000 Btu total. Which I assume is 30000 per burner. My...
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    Humidor IPA

    I'm going to be brewing a clone of cigar citys humidor IPA. It calls for Spanish cedar in the secondary which I found online. My question is how to sanitize this wood. I don't want to soak in alcohol because of the flavor. Should I just put in the secondary and not worry or what. Thanks. Sent...
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    Fwh for extract brewing

    I'm brewing a clone for the humidor IPA and I calls for some fwhs. I have done some mash hopping in the past by putting hops in my grain bag and steeping. So I want to know if I put my hops in the kettle steep my grains leave the hops in the kettle and proceed with my boil would that constitute...
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    Diacetly rest for ales

    I'm going to be brewing a esb using wyeast London ale 1968. This is my first time using it so I was reading up on it the their website. I suggests doing a thorough diacetly rest. So I'm asking how I would do that with an ale. I've done a rests with lagers but never ales. Thanks Sent from my...
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    Yeast nutrient?

    So I have been making 2 liter starters and splitting them in half. Then repeating to process. So I was on Austin and I need more yeast nutrient. I'm currently using wyeast brand which is 250 for 1.5 oz. Then I saw white labs vile and it's 8 bucks for 1 oz but it says it's better for yeast...
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    Cane sugar for bottle carbing

    So I just ran out of corn sugar Monday and need to bottle a hop burst IPA tomorrow. So I won't have time to get to the brew shop because I'm busy at work and my IPA is sitting on dry hops and don't want it to go any longer. So my question is how much cane sugar to use and will it be any...
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    Is there a way to tell my yeast starter is contaminated

    So I have been splitting my yeast. I have made two beers from it and have two containers in the fridge. I want to keep reproducing them by making starters and splitting them. My question is is there any way to tell if my yeast is contaminated other than using it in a beer and realizing my beer...
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    Carbing issues

    So I have been brewing a year now and really getting my technics down. One issue I have been having is that my 22's are not carbonating the same as my 12's. I usually use 4.5 oz of priming sugar to 2 cups water and let sit at room temp for 2 weeks. It just seams my 12's r good and my 22's r...
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    Karo syrup?

    So me and the wife made some pecan pie and we used some karo syrup. Now of coarse me being a home brewer I saw the karo and immediately thought of a fermentable. So I wanted to make a pecan pie porter and thought this syrup might give me an edge. So I'm wondering if anyone had used it. If so...