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    misread hop addition times

    As the title suggest I read the hop addition times backwards, so I added my main hops at the end of the boil. Can I pick up some hops and boil them in the starting volume, remove them after to boil then boil the water down to a concentrate and add this to my brew. Thanks Bryan
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    obtaining smoked hickory flavor

    As the title suggest I've been attempting to get a smoked hickory flavor. Out of the bag the chips have their natural aroma, but after boiling to sterilize the aroma is lost, thinking the aroma is water soluble and gets extracted out. Roasting the same chips didn't bring out the desired effect...
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    Breakfast brew

    I know there are a lot of other discussions on making maple bacon beer, but i am wanting to attempt to make a one without wasting any precious bacon. My idea is a smoked porter with hickory chips added during secondary then primed with pure maple. I haven't seen any recipes like this, but if...
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    mead brewing technique error

    I have had a mead fermenting for 5 days now, I've been researching fermentation techniques and found an article that stated add yeast nutrient during primary fermentation. I had a steady 1 bubble per 5 seconds until I added the nutrition yesterday when it doubled to about 2 per 5 seconds then...