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  1. SGTSparty

    Canadian Border Crossing Experience?

    So I'm heading from Detroit To Toronto with a buddy to meet up with some friends and I'm planning on bring a case of homebrew plus 4x 64 oz growlers. I just got off the phone with the Border Information Service and they said its perfectly legal and at 16 liters we'll be withing our tax exempt...
  2. SGTSparty

    Looking for advice on electric systems

    Hey all, Having recently welcomed assistant brewer #2 I'm trying to plan for what little brewing time I did have being cut even further. I brewed on my current system (2 8 gallon pots with ball valve spigots, propane burner and a cooler mash tun) on Friday and while it was a successful brew day...
  3. SGTSparty

    Michigan Anyone Enter the Clawson, MI CRAFTCOM Homebrew competition?

    This is my first time entering and I'm just curious if anyone on HBT had entered or was planning on attending?
  4. SGTSparty

    Perlick 650SS FC replacement lever?

    Hey everyone. I've been having issues w/ one of my Perlick 650 SS Flow Control faucets as a result of a keg of Shandy that ended up clogging the tap w/ lemon zest. I've taken it apart several times but it seems to be prone to clogging now. Last night I went to pull off a pint of IPA from that...
  5. SGTSparty

    Dirty Blonde Recipe Check

    Hey all, I found this recipe out there on the interwebs and I want to brew it as its one my SWMBO's favorite styles. Here's the recipe I have, does this check out to anyone who's brewed one or something similar before? Pilsner 9 lbs. Honey 1 lbs. Wheat Malt 1lbs. Belgian Biscuit 0.5 lbs...
  6. SGTSparty

    Spring/summer Brew Recipe Problem

    Hey all, hoping for some help from some more experienced brewers. Here's my issue: I'm an 5 gallon all grain brewer who kegs. I'm also a working dad to a toddler and husband to a pregnant wife so brewing time can be hard to come by. That said I have a cider kit and an IPA in primary right now...
  7. SGTSparty

    What to do with Empty Fermentation Chamber

    So I've finally gotten all the parts more or less acquired and assembled for my fermentation chamber. Its been a 3 month struggle of moving/cleaning a buddies old fridge, painting, getting my InkBird 308 and heating element, realizing i lost a hinge off a 1980ish fridge and having to order and...
  8. SGTSparty

    Wasting whirlfloc tablets?

    Hey all, I've been brewing for a while now but I feel like this is a newb question. I've been using whirlfloc tablets for my last 10 or so brews to try and aid in my quest for clearer beers. But it dawned on me Monday as I was transferring my wort to primary that since I don't have a pickup...
  9. SGTSparty

    Drip Tray Hunt Help

    Hey all, looking for a little help locating the last piece for my kegerator. I need a drip tray for my 4 tap kegerator. I purchased a 14" x 6" that looks like this Unfortunately its a touch narrow. Apparently my taps aren't exactly 4 inches on center as I'd intended so it just barely reaches...
  10. SGTSparty

    Kegerator/Keezer Finishing Touches

    Been looking at/working on upgrading my kegerator peripherals lately like tap handles and tap-list and it got me curious what everyone else does so I thought I'd ask: What kind of tap handles do you have and how do you display whats on tap? Do you have a analog display like a piece of...
  11. SGTSparty

    Taplist.IO Free Digital Web Based Tap List

    Hey all. Not sure if this is the correct place for this but I wanted to start a thread about Taplist.IO Its a free, web-based digital tap list created by HBT's own @Kegbot but there's not a ton of information out there/on here about it and the homepage of the website isn't very descriptive so...
  12. SGTSparty

    ISO Belching Beaver's Peanut Butter Milk Stout Clone

    Just tried this while out visiting my brother who's stationed in SD and I thought it was great. I'd love to do a small batch to have on tap for the fall and winter any one have a clone recipe? I know there are a lot of long threads about PB stouts on the forums but I haven't seen one...
  13. SGTSparty

    Fermentation Fridge Wires?

    Hey all, So I got my hands on a buddies old fridge, I have an Inkbird 308 controller and I'm looking at getting one of these reptile heating wires for the heat. My question is what does everyone do w/ their wires for their heating elements? Do you just close the door on them? Did you drill...
  14. SGTSparty

    Overbuilt Starter I couldn't Use

    So last week I took a pack of WLP051 I bought for a Saturday brew day and did an over built starter. Well, a sick kid meant no brewing on Saturday so I tossed the starter (still in a 2L flask covered w/ starsan'd foil) in my kegerator. Now I'm wondering what should be my next step. I'm...
  15. SGTSparty

    Perlick 690SS Creamer Faucet worth it?

    Hey all, Looking for some advice. Still building out my kegerator and I'm realizing I don't drink as much as I brew so my cheapo krome rear sealing faucets tend to get stuck and suck at filling growlers. So since I need to add 2 more taps I figured I'd just spend the money now, go stainless...
  16. SGTSparty

    Leak question

    Hey all. So I did something stupid. A couple of weeks ago I set up my 4 body regulator and hooked up keg 3 which was already carbed. Then about a week later I got my 2nd gas line and attached keg 2 which was purged but not carbed. I thought it might have a leaky gas QD (accidently jammed it on...
  17. SGTSparty

    sufficient yeast from harvest starter?

    Hey all, Based on some answers this weekend I'm worried I wont have enough yeast to pitch into my Bell's Two Hearted Clone. I harvested the yeast from 4 bottles and did a step up starter but the instructions I followed apparently had the starter gravity WAY too high (1L water 8 oz DME) so after...
  18. SGTSparty

    Last few gravity points?

    I made a AG wheat beer last weekend and I'm hoping for some help. I'm still trying to figure out how to get beersmith to work with my jerry-rigged set up accurately so due to a bunch of reasons I missed my OG by.008. I came in at .042 ish instead of .05 estimated. After a week in the primary I...
  19. SGTSparty

    Bottle Yeast Harvest Starter Question

    Hey all. Its my first time doing a bottle harvest (from Bell's Oberon) and its only my 2nd time doing a starter so I was hoping for a little advice. I made a 1 liter starter using a 1/2 lb of light DME on Tuesday. Took 1/4 of it and pitched the dregs of 4 bottles and put it on the stir plate...
  20. SGTSparty

    Split AG Brew Day?

    Relatively inexperienced AG brewer here. My biggest problem on brew day is that I have a 12 mo old that requires constant supervision and SWMBO gets a bit testy if I try and brew before his bedtime and thus can't help w/ him as much. This means starting brew day at 7 pm which means I don't end...