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  1. mux

    Bourbon barrels.

    Happy new year!
  2. mux

    Hello,is it me your looking for?

  3. mux

    Illinois Bourbon barrels, Chicago

    Like bourbon barrels? We've got a bunch at our brewery and need to make some space. $30 per barrel. Email [email protected] to arrange a pick up appointment during these windows only: Fridays noon-4pm & Sundays noon-5pm. No walk-ins please! Enjoy-
  4. mux

    Illinois Brewing

    Ok, this is where it gets real. This was all built by either myself or local homebrewers with exceptional talent. Its sad but I need the money, bill collectors wont take home brew- Control panel 30 amp with 2 auber pids a SYL-1512A used as a thermometer as of now and a SYL-2352 that controls...
  5. mux

    Illinois Fermenting

    ALL SOLD 14cuft chest freezer with stc 1000 100$ 6 gallon glass carboy 20$ 5 gallon glass carboy 20$ 3 gallon glass carboy 20$ stirplate 80$ crap tun of airlocks, carboy caps, blow off tubes,dry air locks... 20$ 15.5 gallon american sanke complete 40$ hospital o2 about...
  6. mux

    Illinois Grain handling.

    ALL SOLD MM2 Monster mill with base and hopper 110$ huge 100# capacity scale 150$ its expensive...
  7. mux

    Illinois Kegging

    ALL SOLD I'm in need of cash and have no time to brew. I will be selling everything. starting with my kegging stuff. Ill get pictures up shortly. 6 ball lock kegs all rebuilt within the last year- 200$ 5# aluminum co2 with regulator- 40$ 20#steel co2 tank with regulator- 100$ 4 gang...
  8. mux

    Illinois 7.75 gallon keg

    Quarter barrel keg with spear and lock ring: $35 Located in Naperville.
  9. mux

    Illinois Empty sanke kegs

    15.5 rubber insulated sanke- $35 7.75 gallon sanke- $35
  10. mux

    Illinois craigslist find

    Not mine but some nice stuff.
  11. mux

    Illinois Naperville, Quarter barrel sanke.

    I have a quarter barrel sanke with spear and lock ring. Looking for a burner or $40 cash.
  12. mux

    Illinois Rubber coated 15.5 gallon keg for trade

    I have a rubber coated half barrel keg and would like a non rubber coated keg. Any one want trade? Orif you have a keg I will buy it. IM in Naperville
  13. mux

    **** yeah-

    It's been 6 months! brewing a citra/ pilsner malt SMaSH with 3711 Saturday. Shakes almost gone-
  14. mux

    Illinois Kegerator with 4 product secondary and 3 S.S. shanks

    Anyone have interest in a full size fridge that I fitted with a 4 product secondary and three stainless steel shanks? works great, the fridge is about 8 years old and the freezer is perfect for storing hops. I was able to fit 4 ball lock kegs- 1 carbing and three serving. The beauty of this set...
  15. mux

    Illinois Keegle for sale Chicagoland

    $150 local pick up. -Stainless ball valve -Weldless giant 5" adjustable face thermometer -stainles weldless bulk head
  16. mux


    I have been brewing for a few years very frequently at least twice a month. I move in December and have not touched my gear yet. I'm gettin the shakes.
  17. mux

    Chicago trade keggle for uncut sankes

    Titles says it all I have an extra 15.5 keggle cut open with weldless bulkhead ball valve and nice extra large 5" face angled thermometer. I want 2 unmolested 15.5 sanke kegs. I want to use them for fermentation so I don't need the spear. Ok, I changed my mind I will also consider selling...
  18. mux

    Sanke kegs chicago.

    I'm looking for sanke kegs in Chicago. I could also trade a sank that cut open for a keggle.