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  1. rdwj

    My bar project

    Hey all, Haven't been around in a while, but still brewing on a regular basis. Just too busy to hang out on the boards these days. I figured I'd share my latest project - my new bar. The whole thing took me about 6 months working in my spare time and on weekends. Started with a blank...
  2. rdwj

    Changing Jobs?

    So, I had a rather exciting development in my rather boring life this week. I’ve been thinking of starting to look for a new job as my current one has come up short in several ways. I like the work I do, but the company hasn’t been doing well. That means, very little in the way of raises over...
  3. rdwj


    Anyone see it opening weekend? I went on Friday and it didn't disappoint. I’m a fan of most super hero movies and I’d rate this one as the best I’ve seen so far. Robert Downey Jr. was PERFECT as Tony Stark. The CGI was incredible and the story moved along nicely. If you haven’t seen it...
  4. rdwj

    WARNING: Don't use a gun to install your satallite dish

    Does it count as a Darwin award if you take out your wife?
  5. rdwj

    Greatest thing on the net....

    ...that you can post in General Chit Chat. Watch tons of tv shows and movies for free!!
  6. rdwj

    Buxom Blond (Grand Cru)

    Buxom Blonde (Grand Cru) 18-A Belgian Blond Ale Size: 11.0 gal Efficiency: 75.0% Attenuation: 75.0% Calories: 216.72 per 12.0 fl oz Original Gravity: 1.065 (1.062 - 1.075) |===========#====================| Terminal Gravity: 1.016 (1.008 - 1.016)...
  7. rdwj

    Where does Bigfoot vacation?

    On Mars of course!
  8. rdwj

    Those crazy Cheeseheads

    They take their football SERIOUSLY
  9. rdwj

    Now THIS is a super-geek site

    You've got to respect the work that went into this. It's basically a comparison of the sizes of things in various sci-fi worlds. Check it out!
  10. rdwj


    For those of you that get the History channel, I HIGHLY recommend Gangland. It's a series that takes you inside all sorts of gangs. You see the organizational structure, their beginnings and the lives of some of their members. It's really a fascinating show - especially nice in HD.
  11. rdwj

    SNIZZLE Tasting / Brew outing (Illinois Brewers)

    In another thread, we discussed getting together for a tasting and probably a group brew. Right now, we're targeting Friday, January 11th. The location is still in question, but it will be in the Naperville / Plainfield area. Anyone interested?
  12. rdwj

    Protect Yourself - Start TODAY!

    This might be the most important website EVER!
  13. rdwj

    Great Prank for sale on Ebay

    This is pretty funny... Drive someone crazy with postcards!! EDIT: Fixed link
  14. rdwj

    Best Christmas Present...

    As a counter-point to the worst thread, what were some of the best things you ever got for Christmas? When I was 11, my Dad and Step Mom got me a bow and arrow, a BB gun and a dart board. At the time, I don't think you could have given me ANYTHING that I would have thought was cooler.
  15. rdwj

    Worst Christmas Presents...

    Everyone gets bad gifts every once in a while. What are some of the worst ones that have ended up under the tree with your name on the tag? And, if you were the person that gave a bad gift, what did you give and to who? When I was in my mid twenties, my sister gave me a blue jean vest. I...
  16. rdwj

    Let's Talk Pool Tables

    So, my basement is getting close to being complete and it's time to start thinking about filling it with junk! I've always liked playing pool and was thinking about getting a table. Here is what I know I want: Slate 8 ft. ping pong top good looks I took a look at a Brunswick...
  17. rdwj

    Favorite Christmas Movie / Special???

    For those of you that actually LIKE the holiday season, what's you favorite movie and / or Christmas Special? My favorite Christmas Movie is "A Christmas Story". It's just a classic. As far as specials go, I like "How the Grinch Stole Christmas".
  18. rdwj

    My basement - a work in progress

    Since I love seeing everyone else show off their work, I thought I'd share mine. I finished framing and rough drywall. Here are a few shots. Looking out to the patio. Future bar area on the left and a shelf and a couple stools in that narrow hall. Kind of an odd spot, but didn't want to...
  19. rdwj

    SWMBO is gonna have a fit!

    Ok, so I met a buddy and had a few beers a lunch. Good time and kicked his ass at Golden Tees. Having a little bit of a buzz and internet access seems to be my Achilles Heel. God damn Northern Brewer for offering 5.99 shipping on EVERYTHING! I ordered… 2 wine kits A March Pump A bunch...
  20. rdwj

    Anyone watching Cavemen?

    My GOD - as bad as I thought this show could be, It's actually WORSE. Not even one slightly funny incident before the first commercial break. I was sort of hoping for so stupid it's funny, but not even close - just ....lame.