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    Recover an Old Promash Recipe

    I'm a former Promash user who went to BeerSmith some years ago. Due to sloppy data handling, I've thrown out a bunch of hard copies of old recipes I had on Promash. I've combed through some old hard drives and found the original recipe I'm looking for in a Promash .brw file. I've tried to load...
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    Haven't been hanging out here much lately. Did a search and didn't find anything on this. A couple Microsoft guys came up with this system: LINK REMOVED MOD EDIT: Kickstarter Projects require a kickstarter account.
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    Anyone here use a Better Bottle with racking adaptor?

    I have 4 of them. It's all I've ever used. I'm not sure what others mean by a slow transfer. It takes me about 15 minutes to to transfer 5 gallons by gravity. 20 inches of head, 3/8 OD tube that fits inside the racking port. *Lightbulb moment* I'm going to try the 5/8 tube that fits outside...
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    Why do most people use a copper dip tube?

    nostalgia, Kinda off topic, but how did you get that first picture? Did you put the camera in the bottom of the kettle?
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    Shipping Rhizomes

    Be sure to check that the state you are shipping to permits the rhizomes being imported. I ran into this issue, intending to ship some rhizomes to my brother in Washington state. It is strictly verboten. I believe they are trying to keep hop downy mildew out of the state, as hops are a major...
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    Proper agar recipe

    I have Rog Leistad's Yeast Culturing for the Homebrewer". His very simple recipe calls for one tablespoon each of agar and DME, plus 1/16 teaspoon of yeast nutrient, per 1 cup of water. I ratio down as necessary. I use this agar: (don't...
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    Better Bottle Thermowell

    AFAIK, the dry tap only fits the BB stopper. I suppose you could drill a blank rubber bung for it, but why when a conventional airlock works there? I use a 1/2" OD vinyl hose straight into the BB cap with the small o-ring as a blowoff. After things settle down and for secondary, I use the dry...
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    K-Meta in Beer

    Here's a recommendation for adding 20-30 ppm to the mash as an anti-oxidant:
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    shirron chiller hot break

    I use a large area homemade hop stopper attached to the ball valve on my brew kettle. I gravity feed to the Shirron. No issues with clogging the Shirron, however as has been noted previously, the hop stopper itself will clog with a large amount of pellet hops only. A small amount of leaf hops...
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    Better Bottle Thermowell

    My Better Bottle temp probe solution is shown here: Post #9. No contamination potential and excellent temp control.
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    Where to buy 10 gallon Rubbermaid coolers?

    They are a seasonal item. Your local HD may or may not have them in the winter, depending on what was left over from last summer. ACE hardware has them on line for $50, with free delivery to a local store. Only takes a few days to get it.
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    304 or 302 SS for my next pot?

    Unless you're boiling hydrochloric acid or using the kettle as a basis for a pressure vessel on the now cancelled space shuttle replacement, there is no effective difference in the performance of either alloy. Choose based on price and features of the kettle. Don't stress over it. RDWHAHB.
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    Stout faucet keeps dripping.

    Dang, I was going to use the urologist joke.
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    Better Bottle: Go All out?

    Here's another vote for all the bling. I went ported 5 and 6 gal bottles from day one of my brewing. Why? I can go straight from my kettle spigot through my plate chiller directly into the racking port on the BB. It greatly reduces the opportunity for any contamination. For...
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    Oxiclean Residue

    I have the same issues with Oxyclean, but only if I leave it to soak for a loooong time. I find if I remove things within 2 days, I don't have an issue. I use Lime-A-Way (an acid) to remove the deposits when they occur. They certainly appear to be mineral in nature. Could also be related to the...
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    Boiling oxygen caps to sanitize.

    Ditto on the cap sanitizing. The caps I get from my LHBS sit in an open box on a shelf. After rinsing them in Starsan, I usually have a nice layer of dust particles left in the Starsan. After all of the work I've put into a batch of beer, I'm not going to risk it to save a few minutes.
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    Sanitizing a Shirron

    If it's a Shirron, it's copper brazed stainless steel. If it's used, make sure you thoroughly flush it out. Make yourself a hose assembly with one of these: to pressure flush the unit. You'll use it every time you...
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    Dirty Better Bottle...

    One more technique if you're trying to get rid of the krausen ring around the top. Try using just a gallon or so of hot water with a scoop of Oxyclean or your favorite powdered brewing cleaner. Install the BB closure and invert the BB and set it in you carboy drying/draining stand. The...
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    Yeast Cake Re-use/Gelatin/Cold Crashing

    OK, I'm tying all of these recent threads together as they may apply to the ball of knots issue I'm having. About 2 months ago I brewed a Dead Guy clone. Domestic 2-row (no I don't know the specific maltster), specialty malts and Pacman yeast. 150F Mash temp, 1.055 SG. The fermentation took...
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    Refractometer Ebay Seller Recommendations?

    Ooops, then that's not the one I bought. Mine is Model RHB-32, definitely not ATC.