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    LA Times: Beer label art matches the quirky character of the microbrews

    Beer label art matches the quirky character of the microbrews Craft beers use labels to promote their region or maker’s individuality. True confession: The first bottle of Black Dog Ale I ever bought wasn't for the taste or the price or even the reputation. What separated that six-pack...
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    CL: Complete Brewing Equipment for Brewpub (SoCali)

    Not mine (wish it was): We are re-modeling our Sports Bar and restaurant and have available a full, complete, operating line of brewery equipment including holding tanks, fermenters, cookers, coolers, etc., etc. The equipment has an...
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    Parts for Cheap & Easy 10G Rubbermaid MLT Conversion

    $34.95 ---> PayPal Just want my money back. I can return everything to HD, but maybe someone is looking for package deal. Items in their original packing. Original HD receipt included. - all stainless steel ¼” hose clamps x 2 – not included, will do my best to find some - brass square...
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    WSJ: Tracking an Ancient Belgian Beer

    Tracking an Ancient Belgian Beer Lambic, a rare, sour brew, uses techniques dating back to man's first beer. Reporter Charles Forelle visits one of the few remaining breweries BRUSSELS -- Beer is usually not a morning pursuit. But it was still dark one day last month when I lumbered out...
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    Technical Project Manager needed/security cleared

    My buddy posted this on another forum. The position is offered in San Diego. As many of you know I oversee a team of recruiters for a local staffing firm that fills positions nationally. We just received a new req that is a direct-hire opportunity and is local. Due to the nature of the...
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    Na zdrowie from Oceanside, CA

    First, I would like to thank all of the HBT contributors and the Mods for keeping the place well organized. I’m especially happy with the search engine results. As you can see, I’ve joined the board back in 12/07, but just now got serious about brewing beer. For the past couple months, I...