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  1. abrew2u

    Ranco failed, help me save face with friends

    Your most likely ok just taste it
  2. abrew2u

    Bourbon County Stout clone attempt

    Just kegged mine today and of course I had to try a little,it's been in secondary on 8 oz of bourbon 2 0z oak chips and 3 vanilla beans for 7 months Has lots of bourbon,alcohol burn,nice oak flavour,lots of chocolate and toasty undertones very little vanilla,hope it comes out more with it carbed
  3. abrew2u


    Trip got delayed were going this weekend!!!! Any beer I need to try ????
  4. abrew2u

    New York Gear Sale

    Interested in cereal killer where in ny are you
  5. abrew2u

    New York Wanted- Beer Bottles Buffalo NY

    Consumers on Sheridan and Niagara falls Blvd will sell bottles for the deposit price.
  6. abrew2u

    Help!! Foam, foam and more foam!!

    Had same problem changed to 5/16 beverage line and everrytthing is great now,sounds like it's forcing co2 out of the beer when you pour
  7. abrew2u

    2.5gal carbing problems

    I had the same problem just take it off the gas,and purge it every 6 hrs you'll get there in a couple days
  8. abrew2u

    The Home Made Pizza Thread

    I think he meant rust out
  9. abrew2u


    Going to Cleveland the 1st week of July is there's any brewerys that are,a must visit ,looking for a smaller local guy not really interested in great lakes Any help would be appreciated thanks
  10. abrew2u

    Diy stir plate issue

    Had same issue just went with longer stir bar and it worked fine
  11. abrew2u

    Sparge arm

    Had really bad efficiently with my brew today had a lot of channeling I have a rims tube that goes to a keggle the keggle has a 1/2 coupling welded in it Which sparge arm will work best for my set up
  12. abrew2u

    Giveaway for Inkbird 1500W temperature controller

    I'm in I can use one !!!
  13. abrew2u

    Plastic keg

    I can get my hands on some of these kegs I was thinking of making a few fermenters out of them does anyone have any experience with them
  14. abrew2u

    Heady Topper- Can you clone it?

    What I did was,I mixed all the dry hops together and put 1/2 in on day 14 and the other 1/2 on day 21 should be putting it on gas tomorrow or Friday so I really haven't tried it yet.
  15. abrew2u

    Love temp controller ts-3

    Reprogrammed everything still says off I'm at a loss I think it's shot or the probe is bad
  16. abrew2u

    Love temp controller ts-3

    It's been working for like 3 years,today I went to check and thus is what I found I'll try later to go through the setup steps