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  1. TheYoshi

    New Jersey The nightmare of CO2 acquisition that is northern NJ!

    Man, just moved to NJ (Kinnelon) from Austin, TX. I've lived all over the country but I've never experienced anything like this place when it comes to the simple act of getting a filled CO2 tank. I'm still in the process of setting up my brewery in the new place (basement, going full...
  2. TheYoshi

    Chilling in TX

    I just moved to Austin from central PA. First allow me to point out a few differences for my personal set up 1. In PA I was on a well, damn near perfect water. Here city water, chloromine city and very very hard. 2. Temp wise the well ran around 58 year round. Here, my hose runs at 80. 3...
  3. TheYoshi

    Sparkletts water from HD

    Anyone use this? I picked some up the other day but won't be brewing for another day or two. I can't find any data about actual mineral content.
  4. TheYoshi

    Carboy vs Conical cleaning & convenience

    I have recently realized my hatred for cleaning carboys & siphon crap is much deeper and more powerful than I'd previously thought. It's not hard, just annoying. I'm wondering if you guys who have switched from carboys to conicals have found it easier/less time consuming or more so. In my...
  5. TheYoshi

    Keezer Evolution - Pics

    Like I suspect a lot of us have done, I first started with a temp converted chest freezer using simple party taps to serve from. My ultimate plan is to have 3-4 taps running full time on an Irish coffin with a hinged lid. That said, I have limited time to work on this so I'll be evolving things...
  6. TheYoshi

    Micro Star for home brewers?

    Just had a thought the other day as I was milling around at the local distributor. Microstar is already picking kegs up from distributors all the time. I can see no reason why they couldn't be dropping off cleaned/sanitized empty sixtels as well. It could be another channel of revenue for them...
  7. TheYoshi

    Weldless KAB4 improvement

    The KAB4 burner is fantastic with a few issues: It can blow out pretty easily on a windy day The burner is pretty far from the pot bottom resulting in lots of lost/wasted heat It's a bit of a gas hog A simple fix for the first two actually seems to help somewhat with the 3rd as well...
  8. TheYoshi

    More efficient steel braid based MLT Design?

    So I am sitting here (admittedly after a few beers) thinking about MLT designs, I really like the steel braid approach (my current setup) but got to thinking there are probably some ways that it could be made more efficient and friendly to fly sparges if one chose to go that route. The typical...
  9. TheYoshi

    New guy (sorta)

    It's been a few years since I've homebrewed and I've decided it's time to get back into it. Living in PA, but travel a lot to Austin, TX and Cupertino, CA so LHBS can be just about anywhere for me :) Going to switch to kegging this time around and likely to go AG as well (only did extract...
  10. TheYoshi

    Update SS Pot for boil?

    I'm new here but not to homebrew, it's been a few years and my old forum seems to have gone defunct (a shame). Anyway, looking around and setting myself up with a new system since it's been a few years. Carboys, and some other stuff is still around but I'll be kegging, and going AG (was just...