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  3. PhlyanPan

    Garage home brewery

    PEX is awesome stuff. Put one in, and blow the line out with a compressor before winter. Even if you forget or don't get the water out there's a chance the PEX won't burst.
  4. PhlyanPan

    There is something in my beer?

    At our last homebrew club meeting, one of the judges found the tip to a beer gun in his sample. The beer didn't win the monthly contest.
  5. PhlyanPan

    Looking for insight on my area's water profile

    I live in the country and have a well for water. So I have no idea what's in it really. We have a pretty elaborate water system that includes addition of HCL, chlorination, carbon filtration, and most recently, I added RO filtration for the drinking water (it tasted like crap before). The...
  6. PhlyanPan

    I need a scale recommendation

    I have one of those Escali scales in silver. My only complaint is when I'm measuring out grain, the bowl extends out over the readout and makes it hard to read. I don't know what the solution would be...maybe something like this: .American Weigh Blade-V2-400 Digital Pocket Scale 400 x 0.1g -...
  7. PhlyanPan

    Call me an a$$ but....

    Why the hell would you put salt in your beer? I've never heard of that.
  8. PhlyanPan

    Don't dump spent grains down garbage disposal

    Do you bring in tree trimmings and feed them into your garbage disposal too?'s not a damn wood chipper. Why would you shove pounds and pounds of grain down your drain? That's just asking for it. I've never understood the desire for a garbage disposal at it really a...
  9. PhlyanPan

    Taking keg without CO2 tank

    You could do that if you relieved the (negative) pressure in the keg, but now you're in the realm of a picnic adding oxygen to finished beer. If you're going to finish it in one sitting you're probably fine....but it won't keep after you let all that air in there.
  10. PhlyanPan

    Taking keg without CO2 tank

    You can also get regulators that are adapted for use with paintball tanks. A paintball CO2 tank is a bit more portable than a full sized CO2 cylinder. But like AJ said, you'll probably want both eventually. Otherwise you'll be refilling your paintball tank quite frequently.
  11. PhlyanPan

    Digital Thermometer Issues

    Has anyone had any luck with non-contact infrared thermometers?
  12. PhlyanPan

    How many gallons of homebrew in 2009?

    12,530 + 5 more gallons of cream ale. 12,535
  13. PhlyanPan

    Kolsch Beer fermentation

    Unless you have a way to get the kolsch beers fresh from Cologne, I'm not sure that the beers you're comparing it to are super representative of kolsch beers. I was talking about German beers with the local brewmaster and he was saying he had some German beers that he really liked to drink over...
  14. PhlyanPan

    How many gallons of homebrew in 2009?

    11,941 + 5 gallons of heffeweizen= 11,946
  15. PhlyanPan

    How much CO2 (psi) is in a 5# CO2 Tank?

    Yes, the answer is it depends on the temperature. PSI on the gauge has very little to do with how much liquid is actually in the tank.
  16. PhlyanPan

    Where to have cheap labels

    Got a color printer at work? I print mine off in sheets of 8 and cut them up then stick them on with milk. They actually look really good. We have a pretty decent photo quality color laser printer is all. And no fancy paper either. Standard office stock.
  17. PhlyanPan

    Multiple Fridges / 1 breaker....?

    You could hook the 1A output to a relay. I don't know if those are expensive or not though.
  18. PhlyanPan

    Dead Hops

    Were you expecting a yield? Sounds like the lawn service needs to buy you some hops to replace the ones you won't be able to use now. Those are valuable plants. They should pay for them.
  19. PhlyanPan

    Thoughts on German Hefe..

    The place that hosts meetings for our brew club is a contract brewery. The brewer there tends to use blonde ales as the base for his fruit flavored beers. At least, the ones that I'm aware of anyway. He had a watermellon blonde once that was unexpectedly reaaaallly good.
  20. PhlyanPan

    Multiple Fridges / 1 breaker....?

    That seems like a "we don't want to tell you" or a "we're too lazy to look into it" answer. Get yourself a kill-a-watt if you're really curious. It plugs in between your fridge and outlet and shows you amps, watts, kwh, time, etc. A handy little device for less than $30.