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  1. AnOldUR

    Two C's

    or not 2C
  2. AnOldUR

    Oxygen Absorbing Caps

    Is there any way to visually tell the difference between oxygen absorbing caps and non oxygen absorbing caps?
  3. AnOldUR

    Junga Hops

    Looking, but not finding much current information on this hop. Picked up a pound of 9.9% AA whole leaf from Hops Direct to justify shipping of a Memorial Day sale order. Most descriptors call it a bittering hop, but there are some saying dual-purpose. Had an unexpected opportunity to brew...
  4. AnOldUR

    What do you do

  5. AnOldUR

    The American Homebrewers Association Survey

    So, I take this survey, get to the end and there's no place to tell who you are. How's this thing work? Did I miss something?
  6. AnOldUR

    TD5 DC Stainless Pump

    Had enough Amazon reward points to cover this pump and was looking for more whirlpooling flow rate, so made the purchase. Did a few test runs and then brewed with it this weekend. It worked flawlessly pumping boiling wort for 15 minutes to sanitize and then for a 60 minute whirlpool. (With 10oz...
  7. AnOldUR

    Fuse Help

    Posted this question deep in an induction thread, but hoping it will get seen better on it's own. Had a fuse blow in my induction hob. The one on the left is the original. The one on the right is the one I used to replace it. What's the difference? Both are 15 amp.
  8. AnOldUR

    Induction Diffuser Plate

    I've been using 3500W induction heat for my boil with good results. Recently brewed a couple of rye beers and have gotten a ring with a little scorching at the heat source. This has never happened with any other grain bill including wheat. The beer from the rye has not been bad, but it has me...
  9. AnOldUR

    A419 Question

    I'd like to replace the internal thermostat in an upright freezer with the A419 that was on my old keezer. For that installation, the thermostat was located near the compressor and all the wires were available. The thermostat on this upright freezer is located away from the rest of the wiring...
  10. AnOldUR

    The Voice

    Hate to admit that I watched some of this last night, but you know. Marriage, give and take. Anyway, there was a guy from Fishkill, NY (I think) who claimed to own a brewery and sold his beer from his front yard at something like a farm stand. Will this guy be in jail next week? It's national...
  11. AnOldUR

    Free . . . zer Score!

    My wife calls me this morning while she's on her way to work. Says she saw a couple of refrigerators at the end of someone's driveway not far from our house. When I got there I found one was a refrigerator the other was an upright freezer. Older couple comes out and says the fridge doesn't work...
  12. AnOldUR

    Wild Blackberries

    . . . maris otter and lots of hops! :mug:
  13. AnOldUR

    Mash Mixers

    This months BYO has an article on "Maximize Your Mash" by Walter Diaz. One of the methods they detail is mash mixing. A lot of the science is over my head, but there are some technical advantages brought up. A search of HBT came up with very few references to mash mixing and most of them are...
  14. AnOldUR

    Nothing New Carboy Cleaner

    Want an easy way to clean carboys, but don't want another project? I already used a submersible pump in a bucket to feed my immersion chiller. After seeing some great carboy cleaner set-ups here on HBT, thought I could do that. Stuck a short piece of hose on the end of the pump and used the...
  15. AnOldUR

    WhooHooo . . . someone's attracted to me!

    hehehehe :D Anyone else get this PM'd to their HBT account?
  16. AnOldUR

    On Demand Seltzer Water

    My wife and I go through almost five gallons of seltzer water a week during the summer. Refilling the keg gets to be a PITA. There've been threads on HBT about ways to get it on demand, but some of the systems are more complex and costly. My idea was to keep it simple. Got around to setting it...
  17. AnOldUR

    Banner Rating System

    Is there a list of what the banner below our usernames means? So far, I've seen two stars and three stars and different color stars. What's up? Or did I miss something? Or worse, already asked and forgot? :o (Old timer’s disease!)
  18. AnOldUR


    Been there, done that. :o We need an unlike button to cancel mistakes.
  19. AnOldUR

    American Weizenbock

    Trying to decide what to brew this weekend. I enjoy American Wheat Beers, but was looking for a different take. Low on 2-row, but I have some Munich malt, so searched for recipes with Munich and Wheat. This led me to Weizenbock and then the idea of an Americanized version. The breadyness and...