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  1. skitamofo

    C4 ipa

    Hey guys I haven't been on very much lately. I usually do most of my posting and browsing at work, and I just started a new job which has been much busier and harder to find the time. I just thought I would make some time to share a new recipe that I put together and the results. I called...
  2. skitamofo

    Irish Red Ale Irish Red

    BIAB 60 min mash 10lbs 2 row 8oz Crystal 40L 4oz Roasted Barley(500 SRM) 0.5oz EKG 60 mins 1oz EKG 30 mins
  3. skitamofo

    Fermenter size for 3 gallon batch

    I decided for the winter months, I will do my brewing indoors(did one brew outside in -30 celcius.. not fun). Because I just have a standard stove top, I don't think brewing 5 gallons would be very effective. So I am going to do 3 gallon batches and see if this works a little better. My question...
  4. skitamofo

    Roasted Barley Coffee

    Hi guys When I brewed my last batch(Irish Red), I had the pleasure of using roasted barley for the first time. When I crushed it, I noticed it had a nice roasty, almost coffee smell to it. This got me thinking if anyone has thought of grounding the roasted barley and try to brew it like...
  5. skitamofo

    Cold Crashing in sub 0 degrees celcius

    Hi guys Just wanting to pick your brains a bit. Maybe some of you have experienced this. I want to cold crash my Irish Red to clarify it a bit, but the only means of doing this is a fridge in the garage. Currently, the temperature outside is about minus 15-17 degrees celsius and will be for...
  6. skitamofo

    Don't think this is an infection but want a second opinion.

    I knew I would be making one of these threads eventually. I really don't think this is an infection and might just be floaties, but would like a second opinion. Took my first gravity reading of my Irish Red and beer looked like this. I noticed there was still some thick krausen on the sides so I...
  7. skitamofo

    SMaSH Recipe

    It seems like my Irish Red is being pushed back a bit. A bunch of friends decided to do a gift exchange for Christmas this year. To make matters worse, they want to make it a home made gift. Luckily, the guy I get to give too is a beer drinker. So I decided this was a great excuse to brew...
  8. skitamofo

    Name that grain!

    My aunt spent a few weeks in Germany and brought back a pound of grain. Apparently they eat it as a beer side snack and she thought my dad would like them. He wasn't a big fan but knew I was into AG brewing so he passed them my way. Problem is, she has no idea what type it is. I am guessing...
  9. skitamofo

    First Attempt: Irish Red

    This is going to be my first attempt at creating my own AG recipe. I am planning an Irish Red Ale. Let me know what you guys think. Will likely brew this in a week or so once I get my barley crusher. Irish Red(5 gallon) 8lbs 2 row 6oz Crystal 40L 6oz Roasted Barley 0.5oz EKG 60 mins...
  10. skitamofo

    Hello from the Great White North!

    Hi guys Name is Dan. I come from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. New to homebrewing with only my third batch currently conditioning. Wanted to join a nice active homebrew community that I can help, be helped, and share experiences. I've poked around the forums and this looks like a fun loving...