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  1. Shred

    Best Auto-Brew Systems

    I'm getting back to homebrewing after opening a ~1000 bbl/year commercial brewery (which I sold off my ownership interest in) where I was responsible for our wholesale division and haven't touched a brewhouse in probably 3+ years and haven't homebrewed in probably 6. I see a number of...
  2. Shred

    FT: 2013 Imperial Stout Trooper, 2014 KBS and a bunch more.

    I've got 2 bottles of 2013 and 1 bottle of 2014 Imperial Stout Trooper from New England Brewing Company and 2 2014 KBS. My full cellar is here: Let me know if anything catches your eye and what you have to offer. I'm wanting to try Cantillion (any) and...
  3. Shred

    Wine making advice for a beer brewer?

    What's the best piece(s) of advice you can offer to a relatively accomplished beer brewer looking to take wine beyond the instruction booklet in the kit? In brewing, my biggest improvements came with an understanding of pitch rate, temp control and water filtration. How do I take a decent...
  4. Shred

    Help troubleshooting my new DIY RIMS Controller, please

    I'll start this by saying I'm far from an electrical engineer. I understand the basics, but I'm brand new to all things PID and SSR. We installed 3 switches - 1 for each pump (these work fine) and 1 for the PID/RIMS setup. The lights corresponding to the switches are working properly as...
  5. Shred

    How do you fine tune your pump flow?

    My new brew stand setup has been great (minus the still-to-be-completed control panel) but I want more fine tuned control over the flow rate coming off my pumps and into the kettle, sparge arm, etc... Right now I've got 1/2" NPT quick disconnects on everything but I'd like to throw a fine...
  6. Shred

    How to (fully) sanitary filter sour beer?

    I've got an imperial stout that was infected. I thought the beer was salvagable as a sour stout. It's actually quite tasty, though needing some adjustment to the pH. I will be kegging it, but if I decide later to counter-pressure fill some bottles I want to know I won't have issues with...
  7. Shred

    Where to take temp reading in RIMS setup

    Hi All, I've finally got my brew stand assembled and a RIMS tube mounted. I've got this one: Amazon RIMS Tube In my trial runs I'm getting 3 very different temp readings depending where I take the temp from. The reading in the thermowell is pretty significantly lower than taking a reading...
  8. Shred

    Looking for affordable RIMS system

    I just finished building my weldless brew stand. Unfortunately, the RIMS tube I bought on Amazon is a leaky piece of crap (even when sealed with pipe dope). I'm having trouble finding a complete rims tube setup for a reasonable price. Does anyone have suggestions?
  9. Shred

    Will EC-118 kill 099? Stuck fermentation.

    I'm working on my monster 25% annual specialty ale but this year's brew is giving me problems. I started with an Abbey Ale yeast slurry which brought me to about 10%. That was followed up with EC-118 which got me almost exactly to 18% and my SG was down to about 1.080 Finally I pitched...
  10. Shred

    HELP! Mission Statement (1st draft) for my upcoming homebrew equipment company.

    I'm actively working with designers and manufacturers toward releasing the first of many homebrew equipment projects. I have a crowd funding campaign planned a few months from now and I feel my mission statement is important as it speaks to why I started this risky endeavor in the first place...
  11. Shred

    Which accessories should I buy for Chugger Pump?

    The members of my brew club very generously surprised me with a new Chugger pump last night. I've never worked with a pump before so I'm looking for recommendations on what additional hardware I should buy. Any suggestions on quick disconnects or other accessories? This is the pump...
  12. Shred

    Hooray! I made it!!! (and I'm also a little drunk)

    No real cause for celebration. Just my 1000th post.
  13. Shred

    ISO: Cigar City Jai-Alai, Russian River, Heady

    I'm looking for Cigar City Jai-Alai (white oak and/or original) or others you might recommend. Also would be interested in Russian River sours or Pliny and Heady Topper. I have 3 fresh Gandhi-Bots and 2013 Imperial Stout Trooper from New England Brewing as well as a huge cellar of various...
  14. Shred

    FT: Fresh NEBCO Gandhi-Bot, 2013 KBS, 2013 Imperial Stout Trooper, many more!

    I just picked up 3 fresh Gandhi-Bots from New England Brewing Co. yesterday. I also have a whole bunch of cellared beers available for trade. IN SEARCH OF: Cigar City Jai-Alai, Russian River sours and/or fresh Pliny, fresh Heady Topper or make offers. Some highlights from my cellar: NEBCO...
  15. Shred

    What is your "Go To" yeast and why?

    I heart Nottingham. It's clean and allows hops to shine in IPAs and malts to shine in stouts. It's cheap and it's easy (no starter... just pitch another $3 pack). What yeast do you find yourself gravitating to most frequently?
  16. Shred

    How much apple concentrate to back sweeten apple port?

    I'm experimenting with a cider kit which contained enough liquid apple juice concentrate to make 6 gallons of hard cider. I cut the dilution in half to make 3 gallons of ~10% apple wine and will be fortifying with brandy. Obviously, the concentrate has fermented out too dry for a port so...
  17. Shred

    Looking for simple and affordable DIY RIMS

    I've been searching the forums (and Google) looking for the most affordable way to build a RIMS system. I'm moderately handy, but I'm not an engineer. Anyone have links to an easy build out there?
  18. Shred

    Anyone ever put Champagne on tap?

    We're having a few out-of-town friends in for New Year's Eve this year. I'm almost finished with my 5 tap keezer/bar build and thought it would be funny to surprise some of the girls who don't drink beer with homemade champagne on tap. Just a small batch, more as a gag than anything else...
  19. Shred

    HELP! What base category to enter this Style 23?

    I've been debating with several people about where my American Strong Ale belongs in an upcoming BJCP contest. It'll be in the specialty category but I need a base category. It's got a fair amount of bitterness, but not much in the way of classic American IPA hop aromas. The beer was oaked...
  20. Shred

    IPA with no early addition hops

    I'm planning to brew an IPA with no early hop additions. I will be adding the hops at 10, 5, flameout and hop tea (dry hop substitute). With the 4 different hops I'm using (totaling 1lb) I should have roughly 68 IBUs from the late additions. My thinking is I'll get as much flavor and aroma...