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  1. dragon99 Please enjoy.:mug: Your welcome.
  2. dragon99

    Mixed grains, what to make

    Due to a mistake with a recent order. I have 20lbs of crushed grain (10lb Belgian pils, 7lb red wheat, 3lb victory malt). Any suggestions on what to make? Currently I'm doing 5gal batches, but all I lack to move up to 10gal is a new mash tun. So either a 5 or 10gal recipe would work. I was...
  3. dragon99

    hopville . the free online community for homebrewers So far I haven't found anything thatbeats this for recipe calculation. Thought I should mention it because it doesn't seem to be well known on HBT. It has a very clean interface with quick references to BJCP guidlines as you build a brew...
  4. dragon99

    Thermometer Review

    Mfg: Taylor Model: #9848 Type: Digital Pen-style Cost: ~$20 shipped Where I purchased: Cutlery and More Facts: Mfg Notes: Compact waterproof digital thermometer. Easy-to-read LCD readout. °F/°C switchable. Range -40°F to 450°F or -40°C to 230°C. On/Off switch and auto shut off for long...
  5. dragon99

    Help understanding water report

    My local water report can be found here: The parts that is confusing to me is that is lists bicarbonate as 459ppm, but carbonate alkalinity as 0ppm. Is this possible? How can the water have such a high bicarbonate level and not have any alkalinity?