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  1. Ego Archive

    Favorite online Homebrew Supply store?

    I put Midwest, but it *is* my LHBS store, so I could have voted with that as easily. Technically Northern Brewing is roughly the same distance from my house, but parking is more difficult to find there...
  2. Ego Archive

    Energy Drink?

    Bulk Nutrition Has a section of bulk supplements, I'm not sure if they have what is in those drinks, but they are probably one of the most likely sources; At least for the quantities you are looking for. One quick note, some of the stuff can really affect the flavor, so I would do quite a bit...
  3. Ego Archive

    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Nut Brown on Sunday, pitching onto the yeast from the APA I brewed last week. This is all in preparation for a barleywine I'm going to brew in a couple weeks.
  4. Ego Archive

    Official Friday Night Whatcha Drinkin' Thread!

    Just finished off a glass of my Hefewiezen, and on to a glass of cider.
  5. Ego Archive

    Quit calling it a "hefe"

    Frm nw on it's "HW", how abt [email protected]? :p
  6. Ego Archive

    NC officially bans smoking in bars / restaurants

    People keep bringing this up, but it doesn't make any sense to me. You still have a choice, you just may need to go further then your used to, or open one yourself, or convince a local establishment with collective buying power. In my city there are no resturants that serve Bunny. So is it...
  7. Ego Archive

    Any one brew the Tafelbier?

    This months Zymurgy had an article with a "Schoolhouse Tafelbier" recipe, that might be what the OP is referring to. After looking at the article, I have to admit that I'm curious as to how bold (Flavor wise) I could make a 2-3% beer. I'm thinking if you used a good amount of Vienna, and...
  8. Ego Archive

    NC officially bans smoking in bars / restaurants

    I wanted to touch back on this. No I wouldn't, and I think anyone who would be, would complain about vehicle emmissions control, so you at least would have an even view of the issue. My problem is that what is happening with tobacco seems an awful lot like the steps that were taken to reform...
  9. Ego Archive

    Nature vs. Nurture?

    I force pot smoke into the carboy, I figure it gives everyone else munchies... On a (slightly more)serious note, I do try to keep the area dark, so I guess that could be mood lighting. ;)
  10. Ego Archive

    NC officially bans smoking in bars / restaurants

    I was kidding about the knife service thing, sorry if that didn't come through.
  11. Ego Archive

    NC officially bans smoking in bars / restaurants

    Maybe them there fancy restaurants people like you go to, but not the kind that smokers would be caught dead in! ;) :D Really, my problem with laws like this is, that people aren't doing it for public health, not really. It's something that politicians can easily pass to have their name on...
  12. Ego Archive

    NC officially bans smoking in bars / restaurants

    So your not really concern with public heath, your saying this is an issue of Majority rule, right? So, if next year the Majority of people ruled that your religion (Or not being affilated to a religion) was illegal, and offenders would be deported or imprisoned, you would be fine with it? If...
  13. Ego Archive

    NC officially bans smoking in bars / restaurants

    It seems to me that if you went to a clambake and oyster bar and happen to be allergic to shellfish, that using the same logic, you could demand that the owner prepare a non-shellfish entree for you...right? It's odd that cigerette smoke is such a horrible thing, and yet people are just fine...
  14. Ego Archive

    Minneapolis Area HBT get together ?

    Did you guys decide on a time and place, or did this already happen? PM me if you have something planned, I'll try to make it.
  15. Ego Archive

    Pivoting Tower?

    So I'm finally figuring out what I need to put my Keezer together, and I've hit upon an idea that *may* work, but I wanted other peoples thoughts. I have a 4 tap tower, that I would like to use; but haven't found a short refrigerator that I could mount it on, that would house 4 kegs, so it...
  16. Ego Archive

    DIY solution for tap locks?

    Inline valves on your beer lines, and a lock on your Kegerator door? That would probably be my first thing to try. Not sure if the pressure would be too high though.
  17. Ego Archive

    CO2 and the lesson learned with trade in.

    The term "pressure" was my misstatement, but I did mean (and he indicated), the volume I would be using to push several kegs. I'm actually lucky enough to have received a second 5lb tank from a friend as a gift, so I will end up having both. :D
  18. Ego Archive

    CO2 and the lesson learned with trade in.

    I learned something new a week ago, and it just occurred to me to come here and mention it. This may not apply to your circumstances, or this may be old news to you, but I thought I would mention it anyhow. I picked up a 5 lbs. CO2 tank off of Craigslist (very cheaply) awhile back, and have...
  19. Ego Archive

    Bottoms up from fridley minnesota!

    Welcome from another Minnesotan, Bryan. Good to meet you!
  20. Ego Archive

    Bulk buy on Hops, great prices

    there is another posting from 1/13/09 with: 2 11 lb. perle 8 stryrian goldings 5 czech saaz (11lbs. boxes) for $10 a pound also.