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  1. Idrum6969

    Sanke kegs

    How many of you brewers are using sanke kegs for your homebrew? I've been using pin lock kegs for a number of years to keg my beer. I have a good friend of mine who owns a restaurant and he is all about local breweries and local sourced ingredients. He approached me at my wedding last weekend...
  2. Idrum6969

    How did you get into home brewing?

    Mr Beer started this adventure for me. Unlike "The Jelly Of The Month Club" this gift really did keep on giving the whole year through. Once I got a feel for the process I picked up a couple books. The Complete Joy of Homebrewing & How To Brew. I bought enough gear to move up to a 5 gal extract...
  3. Idrum6969

    Question about OUD BRUIN DE TABLE from NB.

    Can I use a different yeast strain on this kit from Northern Brewer if I don't want to make it a sour beer? If so what would work? Thanks for any input. I may go ahead and brew as is........ I did not realize this beer needed...