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  1. Chek

    The cold hard truth about rinsing yeast with boiled water

    WOW, I learned a lot from this thread. I have been reading and searching slowly in regards to yeast handling, washing and storage. I only started brewing within the last year and I truly enjoyed this thread. I also did read the Sticky: Simple Yeast Storage Procedure with Photos... Lager is my...
  2. Chek

    New way for electric brewing?

    I like the drop in element idea, and if you couple it with a temperature controller and set it to just below the wort boiling you won't have a boil over if you leave the room, or unattended etc, then when you are back you just adjust and it will boil in a few minutes. I have boiled 4 batches on...
  3. Chek

    Floating Dip Tube - Challenge - Cheapest Ever 2020

    Thanks for the weight tip, I will weigh the piece i have on there now and after the beer test i will share the results. Wine corks: - this is what i read on one site "Natural corks today have a coating that’s comprised of a mixture of silicone and paraffin wax." - which made me think bits...
  4. Chek

    Floating Dip Tube - Challenge - Cheapest Ever 2020

    Hi all, So like, I have a lot of time on my hands and have been creating beer gear. I wanted a floating dip tube and the cheapest I found online was 12 bucks plus shipping which meant I would spend at least a hundred…. Well, my impatience is always the mother of invention. And I am a true...
  5. Chek

    New way for electric brewing?

    I just set up a system to brew in my kitchen, so I am quite familiar with stove top elements. There are online calculators that will dictate the time it takes to boil. That being said, I like your burner idea and all you need to do is decide how fast realistically you want your wort to boil...
  6. Chek

    Incubator – Heating/Cooling – Temperature control Part 1

    Incubator – Heating/Cooling – Temperature Control Part 1 Ideally I would like to lager. My experiments so far consist of one ale extract brew. Next I will build an incubator to ferment wine at a controlled temperature. The idea of ruining beer is not pleasant so I will experiment on wine first...
  7. Chek

    Frozen keg while pressurizing

    Hi all, I had a little experience with frozens kegs, my buddy froze his.... My kegerator was/is empty and I wanted to know exactly how low I could make the temperature go... I set the kegerator as low as it would go. Overall it would only read ad 2.6C, well that's well above freezing. So I...
  8. Chek

    Cancer & Beer 2019 - A new to brew perspectecive

    Hi RPh_Guy RM-MN JaymzMF JimRausch 505-Brewer Nate R, I want to say thank you for reading and thank you for responding. I will put all my replies in one reply. I enjoyed all your responses and input. At the end I have a question. To RPh_Guy: Thank you for the advice I appreciate it. For my...
  9. Chek

    Cancer & Beer 2019 - A new to brew perspectecive

    Cancer & Beer 2019 - A new to brew perspective Brewing and learning about brewing is a very welcome distraction and awesome hobby. Let me say cancer sucks. It affects one personally, whether it’s through an acquaintance, friend, loved one, family member or simply yourself. I haven’t been...
  10. Chek

    How did you find us?

    I was simply researching on beer and this site is a wealth of knowledge
  11. Chek

    Frozen keg while pressurizing

    Hi there, My buddy repeatedly froze his keg and it ruined the beer. But he kept trying to get his beer cold and that was the problem he was in a hurry and didn't use a thermometer. This deviates from your question but I'm going to throw in my 2 cents because my buddy has wasted a couple...
  12. Chek

    Eagles Feather Brew House - First Extract Brewing 2019-09-01

    Hi All, Thanks to everyone who has posted in the past. I have had a lot of fun learning from all y'alls posts. I certainly enjoy good beer, and now I will try to create my own. But first I need to learn some basics... Aside from reading my start in learning is the 3 kits I mixed up...