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  1. cfonnes

    Is infected mead dangerous?

    I have read that the ph in beer keeps anything dangerous from growing. What about about mead?
  2. cfonnes

    Brood and pollen as nutrients?

    Just had a discussion with a fellow bee keeper who tells me that instead of nutrients he uses brood. He just breaks of a chunk of comb (pollen, brood, wax and all) throw it in the blender then uses that as nutrients. Anyone else tried this?
  3. cfonnes

    Nitro tap - worth it or not?

    Thinking about converting one tap to nitro. For the people who have done it, was it worth it? Would you do it again?
  4. cfonnes

    Heat or no-heat?

    I happily collect 5 gallons of wildflower from my first year hive (leaving plenty for winter). I have read Ken Schramm, The Complete Meadmaker, and have decided to use his recipe for a medium sweet mead. Then next summer when my black raspberries are ripe I will add some to the secondary...
  5. cfonnes

    Summer refresher (low ABV mead) need advice

    I am thinking about making a low ABV summer refresher (think lawnmower) type of mead. Around 3 - 4 % ABV. very low final gravity and maybe a little ginger to add to the refreshing qualities. Slightly back sweetened. Any advice in making something like this is very appreciated.
  6. cfonnes

    Cask ale production on the upswing in the U.S.

    Good news.
  7. cfonnes

    Hot women brew club

    Thinking about putting on a wig and skirt and joining the club.
  8. cfonnes

    Alcohol or hops vs kidney

    I tore loose a couple of nights ago and had 3 8.5% IPAs. The next day my left kidney hurt like hell, my piss was dark yellow, and a one point I was light headed and barely able to stand. Is it the alcohol or hops that are bad for kidneys and is that the problem or is there an underlying...
  9. cfonnes

    Bottleing a 2 year old Flanders Red

    I have a 2 year old Flanders Red that I am ready to bottle. After sitting around for 2 years is there still the "normal" amount of co2 in suspension? I do not want to over carb, I am thinking about 2.2 volumes. I am expecting to get between 4.5 and 4.75 gallons. How much priming...
  10. cfonnes


    The supermarket had some ducks next to the turkeys on sale after Thanksgiving, I decided to give it a go. Brined it for about 6 hours then threw it on the kamado with some cherry wood. This thing turned out amazing, my wife and even the foster kid were raving about it.
  11. cfonnes

    Monster in my cellar

    2 liter starter of WLP007 + yeast nutrient + Huge RIS @ 64 F = MONSTER. The blow off tube was getting clogged so I removed the lid and put a piece of tin foil over it. This is what it looked like an hour later.
  12. cfonnes

    Brambling Cross

    Anyone have good experiences when mixing this hop with cascade? I am thinking 4 to 1 Brambling Cross to Cascade as aroma addition.
  13. cfonnes

    Ceramic cooker on wood deck

    Does anyone run there ceramic cooker (BGE, Primo, Vision Grill, etc...) on a wood deck? Just wondering if there is a fire hazard or not.
  14. cfonnes

    Preferred Carbonation Level

    I read somewhere that the level of carbonation that people like varies from region to region. I wonder if we could prove/disprove that here on HBT. I like low carbonation. Perhaps that is why cask ale (real ale) is my favorite. My wife however likes higher carbonation, she can even drink...
  15. cfonnes

    I hate acronyms

    I have been brewing for a three years now and have finally gotten around to brewing some English styles. Last night while driving home from work it finally dawned on me what EKG hops are.
  16. cfonnes

    No hop aroma/flavor from Czech Saaz

    I recently purchased a pound of Czech Saaz hops from an online vendor. The website said 2011 crop. I brewed a Bohemian Pilsner that I have brewed a few times before. This time I got none of that flowery Saaz aroma/flavor. I just brewed a cream ale using the hops as the aroma addition and...
  17. cfonnes

    Easter Theme Beer Names

    How creative can you be? Bunny Hop Pale Ale. Passover Porter.
  18. cfonnes

    What is a good shock collar

    My German Shorthair is 8 months and with the coming of spring I am ready to start field training. Shock collars are spendy so I want a good one for the money. Any recommendations?
  19. cfonnes

    Faucet leaked

    After cleaning my perlicks I had a hard time getting one of them to close and stay closed. I thought that I had the problem fixed, apparently not. I came home from a weekend away to find 3 gallons of Dubbel on the floor in my beer cave and my co2 tank empty.
  20. cfonnes

    Home insurance claim question

    Yesterday I had 90 mph winds for most of the day. I lost 15 trees, the shingles off of my shed and chicken coop, and about 40 yards of heavy wood fence. The insurance company said that they would cover removal of the 3 trees that fell on the driveway, upto $1000, shingles on shed and coop...