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    Topsflo TD5 washer

    Hey everyone, I'm relatively new to the TD5 pumps after using March pumps for years. After a couple uses, I'm assuming something's out of whack with the TD5 based on the noises coming from it. I took it apart, and this washer seems to be bent. Any harm in just removing it, or should I dig up a...
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    Load cells

    Hey everyone, I'm working at a snail's pace converting my electric system over to Bru Control. First thing I decided to tackle was volume measurements. I decided to go with load cells, which did require me to learn how to solder headers onto circuit boards. I've still got some work to do, and...
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    Mash/BK Control Boxes: Liquid level switches

    Finally wrapped up new controllers after ordering the parts 6 months ago. Built my original control panel 5+ years ago, and decided it was time to upgrade. I'm a fan of home audio equipment, so I went with the "monoblock amp" look. I incorporated a couple types of liquid level switches: float...
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    Keezer build

    Nothing earth shattering here, but I did spend some time contemplating how to get tubing/wiring in and out of the keezer somewhat gracefully. I'll eventually add another 2 ports for a beer gun and some low pressure CO2. I found some 1/2" NPT PVC flanges on McMaster, and added 1/2" NPT...
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    Humorous beer snobbery

    So I was at one of my lhbs stores awhile back, and they had an advertisement up for a local brewers new brew, which I had already bought a bottle of and found fantastic. Anyway, I asked if he had tried it, and the reply I got was "I don't drink commercial beer.". These guys are great, don't get...
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    Chest freezer: to bypass (or not) the thermostat

    So I built a chest freezer fermentation chamber to use with a sankey. I'm amazed at how exposed and simple to follow all of the freezer wiring is. In fact, the connection from the thermostat to the compressor is actually done with electrical quick connects. I had planned on just plugged the...
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    Auber 2352 vs. 2362

    I'm an idiot. Found it using the search function.
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    PD Brewing

    5 months into a "1 month" project, i finally got the first half of the system sorted out. fermentation chamber and keezer to follow at some point. Grain Mill I got the surplus center GE inline gearmotor to hook up to my Barley Crusher since my cordless drill went kaput...
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    14g conical cooling

    i was hoping to find an upright fridge or freezer that would hold one of morebeer's 14 gallon conicals (which is on my list of upgrades, don't own one yet). i took some measurements at the local sears, and fitting one in there seems tight. i want to be able to ferment lagers (without...
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    Aluminum RIMS element bushing

    while pondering ways to prevent rust in my RIMS heater (1.5" NPT stainless pipe fittings), i checked out the various 1.5" to 1" bushings available at mcmaster. it looks like they have a 356 aluminum alloy bushing. i don't know a heck of a lot about aluminum. anyone have any comments? good...
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    DIN rail power distribution: a how-to guide

    my first build used the bulky 175 amp distribution block that seems to be pretty popular. i've made things a little easier for myself with my current project. for anyone wanting something smaller, modular, expandable, removable, and all around easier to use, DIN rail terminal blocks are the...
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    control panel power distribution

    for version 2 of my brewing system, i'm trying to stay away from the high amp distribution block i use now. i'm also trying to use DIN rail mountable stuff, and came across these: for example, plug power into the bottom...
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    Supplemental circuit breakers

    i'm thinking of using circuit breakers instead of fuses for my next control cabinet. anyone have any input on one of these, say for running a march pump on? i see different curve ratings (B,C, etc.), but i'm...
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    Parker Fast & Tite fittings

    anyone have experience with these? comments? these are FDA/NSF approved, seal via O-ring, and are good to 212*F. if a leak forms, all it takes is a new O-ring and grab ring to fix. they're sold via US Plastics, and are...
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    plastic tubing

    i'm trying to make up my mind on what kind of tubing/piping to use for the brew system upgrade. i came across polypropylene tubing and compression fittings on mcmaster, and was wondering what you guys thought? is this stuff generally leak free? i'm trying to keep the pump inlets 5/8" or...
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    mcmaster through-wall/bulkhead tank fittings

    while contemplating version 2 of my herms system, i came across mcmaster's through-wall/bulkhead pages for the first time. i'm not sure i've ever seen these parts referenced on HBT before (apologies if they have). anyway, for anyone looking for plastic, stainless, threaded, unthreaded...
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    yet another bulkhead design (with pics)

    inspired by the electric element in my HLT, here are pics of the bulkheads i made up for the water outlet and sight gauge. i tried out silver soldering on a garbage nipple i had laying around (ignore the sealant on the other end). i used stay brite #8 and stay clean liquid flux. washers are...
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    welding a locknut onto a kettle

    so i bought an NPT coupling off mcmaster and planned to have it welded onto my kettle. however, whether or not the elements screw in enough seems to be hit or miss. i just got some of the stainless locknuts from bargain fittings, and all the elements i have screw in nicely. is there any...
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    high density teflon tape

    just an FYI tip. apparently there are different grades of teflon tape. the white stuff is meant for 3/8" and smaller fittings. the pink (high density) stuff is meant for 1/2" and larger fittings. yellow is meant for gas/propane lines. my 1/2" NPT inlet manifold for my march pump had these...
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    HERMS build

    based on the copious amounts of information here, as well as the permission of SWMBO, i've started to build an electric HERMS system so that i can ditch propane. i started out building a control box with all the stuff on the "front" of the box. but having borderline OCD when it comes to...