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  1. nibiyabi

    B.S. - Psychology & B.S. - Political Science: GET.

    Now only five more years of grad school. :rockin:
  2. nibiyabi

    Is there an easy way to get the Bayou Classic at near-stovetop height?

    I'm tired of the whole brewing process taking 4-5 hours on my stovetop, so I purchased a Bayou Classic after brewing my first batch. It was in the middle of a week-long rain spell when I brewed my next batch, so I just brewed stovetop again. Then for my third batch, I realized I had no way to...
  3. nibiyabi

    Barefoot Coffee's Home Coffee Brewing Guide

    Barefoot Coffee Roasters is one of the top five coffee shops in the US. They are independent and have only one location, which is in Santa Clara, CA -- conveniently located about 15 minutes away from campus! :) They recently started leaving these fliers out for customers to take, so I thought...
  4. nibiyabi

    Huge water volume loss during boil

    Hi all, I've brewed 3 batches now, all stovetop since my propane burner (Bayou Classic) doesn't really have a good raised stand to burn on, which would make my gravity spout useful for transferring to my primary. I always start with 6 gallons of water to account for loss due to steaming, but I...
  5. nibiyabi

    HELP: Rubber stopper doesn't appear to be airtight!

    I just conjured up a batch of EdWort's Apfelwein, but the extra rubber stopper I bought from MoreBeer doesn't fit in the carboy -- in fact, none of the extras I bought fit! Only the two (one open, one closed) that came with my beginner's kit fit snugly. The extras I bought don't have a "rim" on...
  6. nibiyabi

    White Honey?

    Wondering if anyone has brewed with this stuff in lieu of regular honey. It tastes so much better -- I'd assume just melting it would do the trick?
  7. nibiyabi

    Dry hopping . . . incident

    OK, so I had a minor boo-boo and added the extra hops that came with my IPA kit immediately after racking to my primary. No harm, no foul, right? Just kinda makes the dry hopping a mostly wasted effort. However, I put them in a cheesecloth bag and was unable to pull them out after 7 days...
  8. nibiyabi

    Do CO2 regulators show incorrect PSI in cold temps?

    I have had to turn my CO2 up to ~15-20 PSI (according to the regulator) just to get a decent head on my tapped beer. I sprinkled soapy water all along the connections to check for leaks but had no bubbling. I don't hear any hissing from the CO2 tank. The level of CO2 remaining appears to be...
  9. nibiyabi

    First Batch Adventures

    In brewing my very first batch of homebrew, I made several mistakes: 1. didn't swap out the slightly-upgraded macroswill-style ingredient kit that came with my equipment 2. transferred the beer from the carboy to the keg by pouring it in with a funnel rather than using the siphon I already have...
  10. nibiyabi

    Have a refurbished keg; how much cleaning is necessary?

    Here is the cleaning method my main homebrewing book gives: Does this seem a bit excessive? Less work went into making the beer.
  11. nibiyabi

    (Probably stupid) yeast cake question

    From all these posts I just assume you can throw the next batch onto your previous yeast cake, but do you have to clean anything out or stir up the yeast cake to invigorate the buried yeasties? I searched around but didn't really find any clear answers.
  12. nibiyabi

    Turkey fryer (or something similar) recommendations?

    My first batch took about 2.5 hours to bring from 170º to boiling last time, so I absolutely need to invest in a high-powered propane burner for next time. I hear a lot of people talking about using turkey fryers, but I have a hard time finding anything but complete turkey fryer setups for...
  13. nibiyabi

    Wine thief necessary?

    A turkey baster isn't nearly long enough because I only ended up with around 4-4.5 gallons for some reason. I really need to take a hydrometer reading soon to see if the beer will be ready for kegging this Friday, so do you think it'd be alright if I just plop it in and then retrieve it with...
  14. nibiyabi

    Help with Future Brewery Name

    I only have a kegging kit right now, though I fully intend to start bottling once I move to wherever I'm going to live while I'm pursuing my Ph.D. I've considered three names so far to put on my future bottles, so I'll put it to a vote here and see what you guys think. :) My name is Greg if...
  15. nibiyabi

    Replying to a topic when logged out

    As of now, this produces a registration form. Is there any way you could throw a log-in form there as well?
  16. nibiyabi

    College senior from Santa Clara, CA here :)

    Hello all, I'm currently on my first batch (fermentation in progress) and am very excited to keg it on the 20th and drink it on the 27th! :ban: I looked at several homebrewing sites via The Google and this seems to be far and away the best. :mug: I'm moving to Stockton this fall to get my...
  17. nibiyabi

    Is 2 weeks fermentation enough for a light ale?

    My first batch got started Friday night and the anticipation is killing me. It seems to be fermenting very nicely and smells great, so I'm pretty sure I'm past the worry stage for an infection. The instructions called for a 10-14 day fermentation followed by a 2-7 day wait in the keg (I have a...