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  1. jppostKW

    Imperial Brown recipe help

    I am getting ready to brew an imperial brown and can not find a good base that appeals to me. Here is what I have so far. I will have a little better idea of the % of each malt and the exact crystal types in a couple hours Marris base brown malt amber malt some crystal fuggles or EKG 2...
  2. jppostKW

    The cure for your kinked hose troubles

    I am finalizing the build of my brew stand a diy thread is upcoming. One of the problems I ran into is the height in my 2 tier stand would make the hoses prone to kinking i looked around for a while and finally found a solution. I added a spring to each end of my female camlock fitting hoses I...
  3. jppostKW

    Keezer upgrade Ferm chamber build and random diy things

    I didn't have the internet for 5 months or so here is what i accomplished over that time first pic is of the keezer as it started life. I liked it but it was ghetto rigged and built with out a single power tool I traded a guy a sixer for access to his wood equipment heres the final result...
  4. jppostKW

    have you guys seen this

    my LHBS just started carrying the soda stream product line it is freaking sweet! I had the chance to use it today so quick and simple and the soda syrups taste good too. Diy crown and cokes here i come! if i get an extra 100 bucks in going to pick one up
  5. jppostKW

    mid season questions

    I have 2 rhizomes in a 20 in pot on my balcony I have 2 bines on each plant growning horizontially about 8 feet each (rough start cat nipped the tips twice). First off I have a bunch of little tiny flies on the soil and lower leaves and I think its the bugs causing the white spots on the leaves...
  6. jppostKW

    big mash rake questions

    I am going to start working at a small distillery part time. I toured it today really cool setup with really nice products. The one thing I noticed is that they dough in by hand with a drywall mixer. I am going tommorrow to help them make a batch I will get dimnsions of the mash tun and such...
  7. jppostKW

    1/4 inch swagloc fittings

    I have some 1/4 inch swaglock stuff i for sale there is 1 pressure relief valve with a 50 psi min pressure and 5500 max a ball valve rated to 6000 2 elbows 4 o-ring fittings 1 coupler And a couple ~4 inch pieces of tubing on bent in a U the other a tight radius 180 It is all 316...
  8. jppostKW

    smoked hot wings problem

    I smoked some wings today the flavor turned out awesome but the skin was rubbery as all get out I tried crisping them up on a hot grill but it didn't get them nearly crispy enough. I know there has to be a couple smoking gurus on this forum any ideas anyone?
  9. jppostKW

    heat stick issues

    I have a heat stick I built e days ago it worked perfectly thru my first batch of the day. in the middle of the second batch it kicked out the gfi no water in the inside. I than isolated myself from the stick and disconnected the ground ( I know bad me have a set of non conducting screwdrivers)...
  10. jppostKW

    Rootlets in 2 row question

    I have some of colorado malting companys 2 row and it has all the rootlets mixed in. Do I need to sieve these out or just mash and go with it? oh yeah and will this effect efficiency?
  11. jppostKW

    Work Scavenged brew stand

    I built the upper tier for my two tier brew stand completely out of stuff I scavenged from work all aluminum. oh yeah I didnt have to cut anything its like i Plan this stuff LOL The pieces drilling holes for the mounting bolts attaching the legs fully assembled next to...
  12. jppostKW

    What to do with new gear motor?

    I just aquired a new 120 volt gear motor its a dayton model 4LL07 50 inch lbs of torque but only spins at 13 rpm its rated for continious duty, and has the cooling fan on back....... I was thinking a HLT stirrer with a big paddle any other ideas?
  13. jppostKW

    Windshield wiper motor powered grain mill.

    I have a corona grain mill that i cranked by hand (it can be seen in revvys ugly junk thread) I came across a wiper motor from a semi truck on low speed it spins 42 rpms with 43 FOOT lbs of torque on high it spins at 66 rpm with around 34 ftlbs of torque heres the base. Adding the base for...
  14. jppostKW

    Pacman on the hunt!

    i am really starting to love this yeast. stepped this upto 750ml of wort last night from a 50 ml starter i added a bottle of shakspeare stout into for 2 days.....
  15. jppostKW

    Picaxe keezer controller code help

    I am building a temp controller for the new version of my keezer with a prelim thread here I am planning on building a picaxe 08m based thermostat that will turn the comp on and off at a programed temp using a ssr and a Dallas 1wire...
  16. jppostKW

    Keezer build prelim.

    So this is how my keezer sits right now......... It is a major PITA to load and unload kegs, I have to slide out the keezer remove the tap handles fold the box down and than lift the lid which is heavy with the all the tile. My retro is going to add about 2 feet on each side to make it more...
  17. jppostKW

    WTB top of keggle

    I am looking to get a center section from a keggle conversion for my sanke fermenter only requirements is that its from a keg with out the structural ridges on the top and the center hole be in good enough shape for a tri-clover thanks Paul
  18. jppostKW

    Epic Fail with autoclave

    i decided to be cool today and pick up a test tube rack to help my yeast slanting endevour went to the science company in denver and picked one up i asked if the vials and test tube rack where autoclavable i was shown spec sheets and assured that they where............. sorry for blurry pics...
  19. jppostKW

    Has any one tried this recipe from BYO

    I saw this recipe in the published issue of Novembers byo cant find it on the internet but heres the recipe i was curious if any one had tried it. Porter Pork Paint 1/2 cup butter 1 cup diced sweet oinion 1/4 cup malt vinegar juice of one lemon 1/4 cup LME 1/4 cup worcestershire sauce...
  20. jppostKW

    counter top brutus link

    I dont know if this is the right place to post this but the link for the countertop brutus is broken. edit it will work if searched from google