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  1. jeepinjeepin

    Thread Killa Thread

    Wassup Arturo?
  2. jeepinjeepin

    Anyone use the disposable oxygen tanks for aerating?

    My Lowes still has O2 cans afaik and I feel like HD does as well. I hope so. I scored a big O2 tank and regulator the other day. I get to put my mini torch back together again for the last time and I'll still need the little cans for it.
  3. jeepinjeepin

    If you were opening a brewery in your area...

    I'm in Winston-Salem. You have of course heard of Foothills, but we have 2 more soon to open downtown. I couldn't believe it. I feel like one could make a killing down near me near the Davidson county line(dry county).
  4. jeepinjeepin

    Motorized Grain Mills: Time to show them off!

    Correct. Someone explained it to me on here, maybe earlier in this thread. They need switched polarity on pairs on wires to move in steps.
  5. jeepinjeepin

    2013 Hop garden photo thread

    Ha, the sky shot or planting with a drill?
  6. jeepinjeepin

    2013 Hop garden photo thread

    Jack and the hop stalk.
  7. jeepinjeepin

    2013 Hop garden photo thread

    I just start digging around the crown and when I find one I pull it up and follow it back and cut it 6-12" from the crown. Just today I pulled a late shoot out of the ground. They usually break near the surface but this one came out whole so I "planted" it in a pot that I had some grass growing...
  8. jeepinjeepin

    Keg Force Carbing Methods Illustrated

    Ok, that makes sense. I was actually pondering the molecular speed idea. Most people that are carbing with high pressures at room temp are shaking anyway though, at least at first.
  9. jeepinjeepin

    Keg Force Carbing Methods Illustrated

    Explain that one for me.
  10. jeepinjeepin

    Lagering a stout?

    A quick bit of research and I'd go with Octoberfest yeast.
  11. jeepinjeepin

    Lagering a stout?

    I know it's lager yeast, but is there a specific strain that performs well with the roasted malts?
  12. jeepinjeepin

    Lagering a stout?

    I guess it would also depend on what type of stout.
  13. jeepinjeepin

    Lagering a stout?

    If you dialed back the roasted malts wouldn't it be getting into the realm of Baltic porter? What yeast is normal for a Baltic porter? I'd say go with your stout grain bill and use the Baltic porter yeast.
  14. jeepinjeepin

    Motorized Monster Mill Build

    Wow! 100% overkill. I like it. I doubt you could buy a similar setup for anywhere close to that price though. Good job.
  15. jeepinjeepin

    ebay aquarium temp controller build

    That is a great ground location. If the hot wire broke loose it would contact the base and thus the can. Found wire to the base or can and shocking discoveries are nearly impossible.
  16. jeepinjeepin

    Who's smoking meat this weekend?

    Here is one from yesterday. Should be 19 butts there and 2 more in a BGE.
  17. jeepinjeepin

    2013 Hop garden photo thread

    EMT is conduit. I guess he just fastened three lengths together on one end, stood it up, and spread the legs. Awesome idea though. Six 10' lengths and three couplers and you would have a nearly 20' tall tripod that stores easily during the winter.
  18. jeepinjeepin

    Post pics of your smoker

    If I buy another smoker it will probably be one of the WSMs. I've played the mod game before and I'll probably end up modding a WSM too, but I'd be starting with a better platform. Side note: a buddy gave me an electric conversion element for a kettle grill the other day. I think it was made...
  19. jeepinjeepin

    Post pics of your smoker

    I think I agree. I need to look and compare prices more. I have a 22.5" weber kettle but have sold off all my smokers. That $139 ring would be a neat way to improve the indirect heat method inside the kettle. The rotisserie ring caught my eye as well, but that's another $139 if I remember...
  20. jeepinjeepin

    Post pics of your smoker

    Does anybody has experience with ? They have some neat stuff. Weber kettle smoker conversions and similar.