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  1. PsicloneRN

    Damn you Glad Trashbags!!!!

    You go to hell and you die!!!
  2. PsicloneRN

    Blah it's stuck in my head!

    NSFW most likely I am not responsible to how addicting the song is.
  3. PsicloneRN

    Time out issues?

    Anyone noticed a dramatic lag time with the forums and time out issues occasionally over the last 2-3 days? Usually this page is lightning quick for me :(
  4. PsicloneRN

    Off flavor

    Ok I have a problem that I've been hiding for a while. Just went to grain but this defect has been in all of my dark extract beers. It's not present in any of the lighter beers I've brewed and they've all turned out great. On the darker beers I get this sort of weird wood flavor on the...
  5. PsicloneRN

    An Angel Passes Out

    Everytime a Keezer is born!:mug: Praise the goooooooooood lord
  6. PsicloneRN

    So I think SWMBO might be trying to kill me

    I woke up on the couch this morning after having a few and watching the games yesterday. I had a terrible headache and i couldn't figure out why. I had only had 2 beers and this seemed odd to me. Then I noticed the smell. The natural gas smell. I looked at the heater for the pilot...
  7. PsicloneRN

    Damn it Feels good

    to have the internet back. Moving sucks. I was fiending hardcore for 2 days there.
  8. PsicloneRN

    Damn UNR

    You brought up my hopes and crashed them down into nothing :(
  9. PsicloneRN

    Bah Laid off

    Well I did not see this one coming... Let me just start off by saying I graduated from college in May. I'm a murse (male nurse... Yes yes Gaylord focker jokes inserted here). I was stoked because I had been working in the ICU before I had finished school and they ended up hiring me full...
  10. PsicloneRN

    Noob with ambitions of kegging

    Is there any way to build a kegerator with 3 taps that can hold 3 corneys with all the gear for $300 or am I in dreamland. If not whats the next best thing I can look forward to? Thanks
  11. PsicloneRN

    Another Home Brewer

    Hi everyone. Read up on homebrewing on and just bought my first setup and 2 recipes! Looking forward to diving into this hobby!:ban: