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  1. slowjeep

    Has anyone used a bread maker to re-hydrate dry yeast?

    Ok, this might be a bad idea, but it seems viable. My wife just bought a breadmaker ($7 at a thrift store). It has a dough function where it the beater stirs around and then it heats gently to help dough rise. I am not the best at re-hydrating my yeast. Sometimes I forget and pitch cold...
  2. slowjeep

    Thank god Fox got rid of the dancing football robot.

    As title says. The robot is still there, but at least it doesn't dance anymore.
  3. slowjeep

    Menards turkey fryer on sale.

    My gf is picking me up one for a bday present as we speak. 30qt pot with spigot, 45,000btu burner, and square stand. All for $47, not too bad of a deal. Once I get a couple propane tanks, my all grain setup should be complete. The keggle and 15 gallon cooler mashtun are being constructed...
  4. slowjeep

    40 Gal pot deal a few days ago, I cannot find the thread on here

    A few days ago there was a thread about a good deal on 40 gallon pots. It had a funny pic of the guys sons sitting in the pot. I didn't pay much attention to it because it was far beyond what I needed. I was given a 35gallon fermenting tank on thursday, so I think I need to upgrade the...
  5. slowjeep

    TSC 35 gal water holding tank as a fermenter?

    One of these tanks was given to me, with the intent that I could use it as a fermenter. The tank is brand new, never been used for anything. Has anyone ever tried this? Here is a link to the tank I have...
  6. slowjeep

    Help/ideas needed for a blueberry wine.

    My friend wants me to help her make a batch of blueberry wine. So far I have only made Apfelwein and some basic jail brew. I brew beer, wine is not my specialty. But... since she asked nicely I told her I would help any way I could. Farther down the page is a simple recipe (10lbs...
  7. slowjeep

    cannot find dextrose for Apfelwine recipe

    what should I do? I contacted the local homebrew store and they told me to just use regular sugar. They have never steered me wrong or gave me bad advice before, are they right this time?
  8. slowjeep

    What NOT to do with a keg...

    Oh boy did I make a mess yesterday! I am new to kegging, so that will be my excuse. I thought I could save some time by combining the secondary and carbonation steps by just using the keg(with no airlock) to do secondary. In (my) theory, the CO2 released from secondary would carbonate the...
  9. slowjeep

    Greetings from Grand Rapids, Michigan!

    Great forum you guys have created! I have been brewing on and off for years, but just recently got my act together. Started kegging and that really took the hobby to a new level for my roommate and I. I brew mostly IPAs, I am currently stuck on Centennial hops but always looking to...