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  1. archroy

    Weak Bottles

    Hey, so my last batch of beer I bottled had some really weak bottles that either broke when I capped then or when I tried open them. A few days ago I opened one and the top broke off and cut my hand pretty bad :mad: I'm pretty sure it is just this one type of bottle, has anyone else had this...
  2. archroy

    Bridgeport Hop Czar

    Hey everyone, I had a Bridgeport Hop Czar the other day and thought it was pretty damn good :mug: Really hoppy yet balanced, I'm not a huge ipa fan as I usually prefer stouts or wheat beers so I don't have a large base for comparison. Has anyone tried this and is there a recipe for something...
  3. archroy

    Sweet mead yeast for apfelwein

    Hey, I'm sure this has been asked before but I couldn't find the answer. Will sweet mead yeast work well for a bit sweeter apfelwein. I like dry cider but not bone dry and was thinking this might work well. Thanks, -Archroy
  4. archroy

    Sediment in bottom of fermenter

    Hey, long time troller first time poster here with a quick question. I just brewed Edwort's Bavarian Hef today and things turned out ok but my hop bags weren't closed tight or I didn't vorlauf well enough well or something and I ended up with lots of sediment in the bottom of my fermenter when...