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  1. jvcjbl

    Help me diagnose my low efficiency on this brew

    Brewed a belgian dark strong ale yesterday. Had the same LHBS crush the grains that ALWAYS crushes my grains. Mashed at 155'f. Follow Bobby_M's mash technique I split the remaining steps into two addition batches. (2.5 gal + 2.5 gal) which got me to my intended initial boil volume. I hit my...
  2. jvcjbl

    Check out my new toy!!

    Was at the LHBS and could pass this up. $80... I couldn't buy the parts for $80 (if I used the pump they use) and build it myself. This thing is badass. It moves TONS of water! I am running PBW through a keg fresh popped to see how it does.
  3. jvcjbl

    Steve Jobs died!!

  4. jvcjbl

    Follow Brewtarget hit gravity... follow Beersmith miss numbers

    I have always followed Brewtarget for my all grain mash steps. This is the first brew that I have followed Beersmith 2.0 to a "t". I missed O.G. by 5 points and missed my final gravity by 8 points. I am unbelievably pissed right now. My initial transfer to fermenter volume looks a little low. I...
  5. jvcjbl

    New whirlpool tool

    So I was researching how I can get a better whirlpool in a pretty limited space. I have a 15 gallon Blichmann Boilermaker with Blichmann Hop Blocker. I brew 5 gallon batches in this and run into space issues. What I mean is that the space between the hop blocker and the boilermaker isn't...
  6. jvcjbl

    Mash differences between Beersmith 2 & Brewtarget

    I input the same recipe into both softwares and when it comes to mashing I'm getting two different "directions". I batch sparge and have a 10 gallon igloo round cooler with false bottom. For example the recipe I'm brewing today in brew target lists the following information. Brewtarget: Mash...
  7. jvcjbl

    I have my first dumper!!

    I brewed two weekends ago. I brewed BeeCave Haus Pale Ale. This is/was the second brew on my all new all grain equipment and as a result I under estimated the dead spaces and was a little wonky on the boil off. I ended up with ~4.75 gallons when I shoot for ~5.5 gallons. I hit 1.053 OG and...
  8. jvcjbl

    Boil Kettle Dead Space & Mash Tun Dead Space

    I just did 5 consecutive dry runs (water only) and got the same results 5 times in a row. After filling with 4 gallons of water (just what was handy) and draining back into my carboy my 15 gallon Blichmann Boilermaker leaves behind .75 cups of water and my 10 gallon Igloo converted mash tun with...
  9. jvcjbl

    Curious about buying kits and or using "recipes"

    I am just curious what everyone does when they buy a pre made kit and or use a recipe that calls for a specific finish wort amount, other than what you have dialed your system in for. For example, I plan to transfer ~5.5g of beer to primary so that way by the time I am done with secondary and...
  10. jvcjbl

    Crazy fermentation on first all-grain

    Last weekend I brewed my first all-grain batch. I brewed an imperial wit. I planned for 70% efficiency and ended up getting 74%. Not bad for my first time around with all brand new equipment. OG was 1060 so I made a starter for my WLP410. Chilled the wort to ferm temps (~70'f) and cold crashed...
  11. jvcjbl

    How does this work?

    If making a starter the normal measurements are 2 cups of water to 1/2 cup of DME. I needed to make a 1.5 L starter, so I measured 6 cups of water and 1.5 cups of DME. After boiling and cooling I had exactly 1.5 L of wort. Problem is OG was 1.080 :confused: What went wrong?
  12. jvcjbl

    Can't find a certain post.

    A while back there was a post I was reading from another member on the forum. He was giving his opinion on the all grain process. He was basically explaining every step and it was a rather lengthy post. One of the things I remember was him saying not to worry too much about the sparge volume of...
  13. jvcjbl

    Blichmann Top Tier Burner (with extension legs)

    Happy early birthday to me from me!! :D I finally purchased my "dream" burner from Rebel Brewer. I ordered it Monday and it was delivered today!!! Talk about fast shipping!! I wanted to take some pictures and do a kind of half-assed unboxing/setup. Anyway... here is what you came in for...
  14. jvcjbl

    Need beer/bar/brewpub,brewies recomendation

    I am getting flown care of SWMBO's boss to do her hometheater install this friday. We are staying around 17th street in New York City. I have never been to NY let alone this address. I am looking for "must drinks" while I'm there. I did a random search and Heartland Brewery is .4 miles away. If...
  15. jvcjbl

    Need a good commemorative recipe

    I just had the misfortune of having to put down my beloved dog yesterday (Monday 6-13-11). She was a Boxer (purebred champion bloodline) and just turned 5 on May 31st 2011. She contracted Lymphoma and developed a mass in her abdomen about the size of a softball. She was my brewing buddy, as well...
  16. jvcjbl

    Houston getting another Brew Pub

    This is great news for Houstonians: Click Here for original article Project: Gemini is officially Freetail Houston I’m extremely excited today to announce the next Freetail will be in Houston. Here is the full press release: FREETAIL BREWING CO. ANNOUNCES PLANS FOR SECOND...
  17. jvcjbl

    Final Gravity is already well bellow after 1 week!!

    I brewed an Old Speckled Hen Clone (with minor tweaks) on 4/29/11. I under shot my OG by 3 points as I boiled off too much initial wort and had to add some water to the ferment to get to my specified amount. I was shooting for 1.047 and ended up with 1.044 after the addition of water. I pitched...
  18. jvcjbl

    Do Stouts really pour slower?

    I just brewed and kegged an Imperial Stout. Upon my first pour at the same PSI I usually serve at, I noticed it pouring very slow. Is this normal for a stout? I mean it is almost 1/2 the pour rate of the English Pale Ale I have one tap next to it. I am using a Perl!ck 525ss faucet and dismantled...
  19. jvcjbl

    Can't find this video

    Maybe I am losing it, but there was member on here I swear that posted a music video and said something like "my first time recording a music video, or first time editing" video. It was a couple guys singing kinda ska style music with beards and what not. Music was epic!! and everyone loved the...
  20. jvcjbl

    Need recipe

    I am looking for a super hard core beer to brew next weekend. I love aggressive beers and am looking for something that I can make. I only have the capability of doing extract with special grains since I am currently in an apartment and am limited to a 7.5 gallon pot. I was thinking something...