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  1. PhlyanPan

    What the heck is German Spaltz

    I've got a package of hop pellets that I bought way back when I didn't know what the heck I was doing called German Spaltz. I can't find any information about it whatsoever. Anybody know what the deal is? Is it like a cross between Spalt and Saaz?
  2. PhlyanPan

    Style by ingredient recipe generator?

    So I was downstairs looking through my grain storage bin today and thinking to myself...."self, what can you make with this random collection of grains?" So obviously I came upstairs and went to the homebrew wiki page about each of those grains and found out what styles they're typically used...
  3. PhlyanPan

    Bottle Carbing, how long is long enough?

    OK, so I brewed up a simple extract wheat beer about 2 months ago and bottled it exactly 4 weeks ago. It still has a very low carbonation level. It's been stored in my basement for the 4 weeks at roughly 55 F. So...did I put the yeast to sleep? Do I just need to give it more time? How...
  4. PhlyanPan

    Bliss Brews Copper Ale

    6 lbs 2-row pale 3 lbs munich 1 lbs crystal 90L .5 lbs flaked oats .5 lbs rye malt 60 minute mash in cooler MLT in 4 gallons of 165 water. Temp stabilized at 155. temp dropped to 148 ish by completion. double batch sparge with 4 gallons at 195 (2, 2 gallon runs) Yielded about 6 gallons...
  5. PhlyanPan

    First All Grain batch- Success! I hope...

    So I did my first all grain brew today using the beer in a bag method. I mashed with 4 gallons in my cooler with 11 pounds of grain in a jumbo grain bag. I hit my temperature of 155 initially but within about 10 minutes it had dropped to about 150, where it remained for the rest of the hour...
  6. PhlyanPan

    Any copper ale fans/afficionados ?

    Alright so I'm doing my first all grain and I'm a huge fan of copper ale. I know it's just an amber ale really but at the same time it isn't. The copper ale I've tried had a very distinct flavor that literally reminded me of copper. Not overpowering but definitely there in the finish. Almost...
  7. PhlyanPan


    Ok so here's what I've been thinking about lately. I have an old sanke keg laying around. I haven't completely determined if it's stainless or aluminimumimum (I'm pretending to be British today) but once I do I fully plan on converting it to a keggle. Then I got to thinking, the only...
  8. PhlyanPan

    Never had a blow off, am I doing something wrong?

    I've seen a lot of threads lately about blow offs and blow off tubes. I've made about 6 batches now and never had one. Am I doing something wrong? How come I've never had the krausen come shooting out of my fermenter? For the record, my brews so far have all been extract and a few have...
  9. PhlyanPan

    Flavorings in the bottle?

    So here's my dilemma. I'm just getting my brother interested in homebrewing. The batch we have in the primary right now is my version of a weissbeer (it's half wheat extract and half pale extract with a bavarian wheat smack pack). The issue is, he really wants to try and make a cherry wheat...