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  1. PsicloneRN

    Anyone bag a deer this year?

    Bighorn I took in october of 2010.
  2. PsicloneRN

    Large Giveaway - Fermenter, Mash Paddles, Thermapen

    Username: DesertShadow Thanks for the giveaway.
  3. PsicloneRN

    Trick or Treat!

    Oh yeah. That's Mr. Box to you.
  4. PsicloneRN

    what is your occupation

    Operating room nurse.
  5. PsicloneRN

    Mash Paddle Giveaway

    please add me thanks.
  6. PsicloneRN

    Curious... Who here hunts, fishes, gardens, preserving, gathers etc?

    Hunt and fish. Pulled a bighorn sheep tag this year :)
  7. PsicloneRN

    HELP! Wasps in spa electrical box

    I'd throw a sugar wasp trap right outside to cut down on their numbers before your final assault.
  8. PsicloneRN

    Alive or Dead movie ending...PLEASE!!

    haha he means human centipede not caterpillar
  9. PsicloneRN

    Damn you Glad Trashbags!!!!

    You go to hell and you die!!!
  10. PsicloneRN

    New Brew stand, need burner help

    We plan to either mount a controller stand off of one of the posts or seal it over with a piece of metal, weld it in and then powder coat the whole thing.
  11. PsicloneRN

    New Brew stand, need burner help

    Damn this is turning into one big thread hijack. Start your own thread guys.
  12. PsicloneRN

    New Brew stand, need burner help

    Coming along great man.
  13. PsicloneRN

    Blah it's stuck in my head!

    NSFW most likely I am not responsible to how addicting the song is.
  14. PsicloneRN

    For what malt can I substitute Euro Pils for the base malt?

    Yes unless you like a weird corn taste
  15. PsicloneRN

    plastic vs steel conical fermenter

    I recently bought the 14.5 gallon blingman after a few years of debating the cost and now that I have it honestly I can't figure out why I waited so long. I love it. Definitely my favorite piece of equipment now!
  16. PsicloneRN

    How long does it take you to do an AG brew?

    4.5-5 hours from crushing grain to cleanup of equipment for me
  17. PsicloneRN

    Cheap ball lock Cornies

    QUOTE on 2 for 89521? thanks
  18. PsicloneRN

    Unfiltered Wheat Beer.....Make you sick?

    Does she drink milk on the regular? That might be it. I can't have anything with the smallest amount of lactose in it anymore. Also try another wheat beer and see if she has a reaction to that as well.
  19. PsicloneRN

    Tropical fish

    55 gallon reef with 29 gallon sump/refuge.