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  1. highland_brewer

    Anvil Foundry 18 gallon brewing system

    I got my hands on one of them here are my videos so far. First look and overview First look Here is my brew day video on the system Brew day
  2. highland_brewer

    FIRST BREW on the Blichmann Breweasy Compact

    I wanted to do the first beer on it really pushing what I thought was the max grain bill on it. See the video here
  3. highland_brewer

    The NEW Blichmann Breweasy Compact first look

    I got my hands on the Blichmann Breweasy Compact 5 gallon batch system. I share my initial thoughts on it. Video Here
  4. highland_brewer

    No False bottom with a brewbag and Blichmann boilcoil setup

    I have been wanting to try this for quite a while now. I've read recommendations on brewbag with the boilcoil and everyone says to turn off the element and let the bag rest for the duration of the mash. I decided to not listen to that advice and do a full volume recirculation BIAB with the brew...
  5. highland_brewer

    New product from Brewers Hardware Dry Hopper

    See it here I had actually been thinking about building one of these. Definitely a great solution for lower to no oxygen dry hopping for pressure capable and non pressure capable fermenters.
  6. highland_brewer

    Blichmann's new grain mill

    This mill is actually designed for nano breweries. I did get one in for review. It's about the same price point as the SS Brewtech mill. I have seen a few of the SS mills in homebreweries. How do you think the Blichmann compares? I give my thoughts as well as share crush samples in my review. My...
  7. highland_brewer

    West Coast IPA Yeast Experiment

    I joined a experiment with the online homebrew club Brewtubers. for this pretty cool experiment. We all brewed the same recipe and then fermented with all different yeasts. We are just about done with all our tastings, and we are soon going to have the results up on the brewtubers website...
  8. highland_brewer

    Grainfather Glycol Chiller HACK... running it with a ITC1000 on the chillers own power!

    Put to together this video to show how to use fermenters other than the Grainfather conical with the Grainfather chiller.
  9. highland_brewer

    Blichmann 3/8 hp Glycol chiller review

    Got one of these in for review, a lot of people have been asking me about the Anvil bucket and if the cooling kit will allow you to lager with the bucket. I find out just how cold the anvil buckets will go!
  10. highland_brewer

    Delta Brewing Systems Fermtank review

    Got one of these recently and had a chance to give it a spin. Here is my video on the Fermtank.
  11. highland_brewer

    240v BIAB Controller GIVEAWAY

    I am giving away one of the products I received for review on my Youtube channel.. Grounded Brewing Technologies 240v 30 amp BIAB control panel. You need an instagram account to enter. Follow this link for the rules of entry and how to enter...
  12. highland_brewer

    Grainfather G70 in the U.S.

    So I got one in for review.... It is a loaner and I only have 2 weeks with it so I am going to cram as much into the couple weeks as I can. Anything in particular anyone has an interest in seeing? I am trying to find out an MSRP and a release date. I am curious about the boil as well. David...
  13. highland_brewer

    Power cord with inline 240V GFI protection

    I get asked ALL THE TIME.. can I plug my 240V brewing system into my dryer outlet? I decided to make a video showing how to make a power cord with inline GFI protection so you can. It is about $100 for all the parts. Only limitation is it is only able to handle 4800 watts max (20 amps)
  14. highland_brewer

    Tapcooler counter pressure bottle filler

    This device is not new. It has actually been in Norway for quite a while now. A LHBS is now importing and selling them in the US. I had a chance to use it over the holidays to give out some "sample" packs of my beer to friends. I really like the simplicity of it and how easy it is to use. I did...
  15. highland_brewer

    NEW Spike Brewing BIAB System announced at NHC 2019

    Spike Brewing announced a BIAB, all in one brewing system at American Homebrewers Association #NHC2019. I had a chance to talk to Irene on the development team about some of the details. Check out what she had to say!!
  16. highland_brewer

    Spike Nano 1BBL system at NHC

    Spoke to Ben from Spike Brewing about the soon to be released Nano 1BBL Brewhouse. Check out the details.
  17. highland_brewer

    I got some Kveik directly from a farmer in Norway from a friend

    I wanted to make sure I could reuse some of this yeast that came to me in a dry format, so I decided to top crop. I made a quick video on how I did it.
  18. highland_brewer

    Blichmann Power Controller 240V

    I got one of these in for review. Though I would share the review. It uses PWM technology instead of the usual "pot switch" like the still dragon, etc. I'm curious if those devices do any better or worse with the potentiometer and SSVR?
  19. highland_brewer

    Norwegian built BREWTOOLS B80 all in one brewing system

    This new brewing system has arrived in the USA. 23 gallon 6kw powered brewing system. for the rest of the stats. Here are some photos with comparison to the 65L Robobrew and the Gen3 Robobrew. I will be doing a full review in the near future.
  20. highland_brewer

    A first look at the Brewzilla 65L 240v USA version

    Got my hands on one of the new 65L brewzilla brewing systems. Did a video on the new features and a boil test.