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  1. TwoHeadsBrewing

    Quick lager with Wyeast 2007 Pilsen yeast?

    I'm going to try pressure fermentation and I have some 2007 on hand. I know that Wyeast has some specific pressure fermentation yeast, but I'm wondering if the 2007 will work fine. I'd like to ferment at around 62F for 7-10 days (whenever it's done). FWIW I'll be using the KegLang All Rounder...
  2. TwoHeadsBrewing

    Anyone using the Anvil False Bottom for Mash Tun Conversion?

    I'm looking to pick up an Anvil 10g kettle and their 10g false bottom. Links below. The false bottom design is...interesting. Just wondering if anyone has used one and what your opinion of it is. Mainly concerned about efficiency of an angled false bottom vs. flat like most that I've seen...
  3. TwoHeadsBrewing

    Robobrew/Brewzilla 35L - First Brew Day

    Brewed my first batch on the Brewzilla 35L (120v) this morning. Nothing fancy, just a Pale Ale "Typical Pale Ale" Recipe: 11# Briess Pale 2-row 1# Crystal 40L 1# Carapils 1oz Chinook - 60mins 1oz Chinook - 10mins 2oz Citra at flame out Will keg with 2oz Citra dry hop Yeast: Wyeast London Ale...
  4. TwoHeadsBrewing

    Robobrew Question - what's the center pipe for?

    I'm coming from a 3-piece all grain setup, so I'm used to a normal mash tun with the false bottom. Everything on the Robobrew makes sense to me except that little center pipe. What's the purpose of this, and the stainless funnel piece that sits on top? Wouldn't the malt pipe work just fine if...
  5. TwoHeadsBrewing

    Where to go in Boston?

    So yeah, I'm in Boston until Friday morning, and all I've got on the books for beer place is Sam Adams. Where else is good to go? I'm staying in Cambridge right next to JFK Park. If anyone is free for a pint, I'm buying!
  6. TwoHeadsBrewing

    Sierra Nevada - BeerCamp 2010 Pics

    Just thought I'd share some pics from one of the latest BeerCamps. Pretty sweet pilot brewery they have there, which is basically a scaled down version of the production brewery. A total brewers playground! I just had to drool at this: 10...
  7. TwoHeadsBrewing

    Sierra Nevada Tour Video

    A local web publication, the ChicoGrid, did an inside tour of the Sierra Nevada brewery and a short interview with Ken Grossman. Pretty well put together and worth the watch:
  8. TwoHeadsBrewing

    Sierra 30th Anniversary Series

    Sierra Nevada announced a 30th anniversary series of special beers. The first beer is a rich American stout which is a collaboration of Fritz Maytag of Anchor Brewing and Sierra Nevada's own Ken Grossman. I stopped by the pub on Friday to grab some lunch and had the chance to taste the "Fritz...
  9. TwoHeadsBrewing

    Gear-driven Fully Adjustable Malt Mill

    Does anyone know of a fully adjustable gap, gear-driven malt mill? The Scmidlings offer either gear driven OR adjustable. But their set gap is .045, which is a bit wide. I run my Barley Crusher at .035 which gives me the crush I want.
  10. TwoHeadsBrewing

    First Lager, German Pils - Success!

    Damn, i can't believe i waited this long to brew a pils. Sooooo good! Brewed it on 1/14, and after just one day on tap it is crystal clear..and no lagering period. If this is how pils behave normally, i have a new favorite style! Also brewed up a vienna lager tonight, puttng it right on...
  11. TwoHeadsBrewing

    Recipe Help - German Pilsner

    I'm going to be brewing up my first lager, a German Pilsner. From the recipes I've seen out there, it's nothing complicated...but please take a look and let me know what you think. Also, at the bottom are some questions about fermentation temps and a diacetyl rest. Cheers! Beer Specs...
  12. TwoHeadsBrewing

    Homebrew Sampler Selection Tonight

    Had a good friend up from Los Angeles over tonight, and figured a sample of what's on tap would be appropriate. He brought a nice bottle of Allagash Curieux which was fantastic, which we enjoyed with this: From Right to Left - Kolsch, Amarillo IPA, Oaked English Barleywine, Blackheart Stout...
  13. TwoHeadsBrewing

    New Sierra Nevada Seasonal

    I haven't tried this one yet, but hope to soon! Below is the press release: --FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Chico, CA (11/19/09)—Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. is proud to announce the release of Glissade Golden Bock as its newest seasonal beer. Glissade celebrates the slow slide of winter into spring...
  14. TwoHeadsBrewing

    I'm thinkin' an Amarillo Imperial IPA - recipe critique?

    I've only done one other IIPA, and it was a "kitchen sink" type of batch with all types of hops. This time, I have a ton of Amarillo hops and want to use them up. Below is a recipe for an IIPA that I'd like some input on. Please take a look if you have a moment and let me know what you think...
  15. TwoHeadsBrewing

    OK, is this sanitation procedure crazy or what?

    A few months back I had a recurring problem with medicinal/clove like off flavor. It was so bad in some lighter beers I literally had to dump the batches. Even a couple I kept took almost 6 months to be drinkable, and even then were not good. After much investigation I discovered my...
  16. TwoHeadsBrewing

    Holiday Spiced Ale - Recipe Ideas

    I'm wanting to brew up a holiday spiced ale, but not in the typical "winter warmer" style. I'd like to use my Brown Ale as a base, and add orange peel, corriander, ginger and cinnamon in small amounts. I don't want to overpower the brown ale base, but have a decent amount of aroma and flavor...
  17. TwoHeadsBrewing

    Bought a new Bike - Trek Soho 2009!

    Pretty stoked, got a new bike last week! I finally picked this bike up last week from the LBS for $899. I also rode the Trek 7.5FX and Gary Fisher Mendota, which were both very nice bikes around the same price point. After riding each for a good hour around our local park the Soho just...
  18. TwoHeadsBrewing

    American Wheat Beer New World Wheat Beer

    As much as I like my Summer Citrus Wheat, I think this one is better and is cheaper to make. It uses German noble hops for a clean and dry bittering that really compliments the Wyeast 1010 American Wheat yeast strain. Carbed up to about 2.4vols this has a great carbonic bite, very light hop...
  19. TwoHeadsBrewing

    Question about nitrogen regulator

    I picked up an old Uniweld nitrogen regulator from a friend a while back, and he was using it in his kegerator to dispense commercial beers. I'd like to use it with my 5# cylinder to force carb and for other misc. tasks. The problem is I'm not sure if the nitrogen PSI levels are the same as...
  20. TwoHeadsBrewing

    New Wheat/Kolsch Recipe - input requested

    So, I wanted to do a split Wheat/Kolsch brew and put Wyeast 1010 (American Wheat) in one carboy and Wyeast 2565 (Kolsch) in the other. I'll be using whirlfloc to get some clarity to it. My desire is to brew up a clean, refreshing wheat beer and experiment a bit with kolsch yeast. I've heard...