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  1. Ricand

    How do I not get that vegitative green taste in my IPAs?

    I'm a seasoned homebrewer. I've won Gold for my DIPA at Beervana. I hate my IPAs. They always seem to have a very green vegetative finish to them that commercial IPAs don't seem to have. I've varied my dry hopping from a week to only 3 days. None of them have the clean crisp hop finish...
  2. Ricand

    Can a 15 Gal batch be done in 20 Gal BK?

    I want to move up to 15 gal batches, but the biggest BK that will fit on my Brutus 10 is a tall 19.8 gallon kettle. My friend said he didn't think there was enough head room for expansion, evaporation volume and boiling. I must suck at searching cause I can't find any threads referencing BK...
  3. Ricand

    Wyeast pre-swollen packs of 1450 and 1056 are they still OK?

    We just got some of Denny's favorite yeast in and it was semi-swollen. I called NB and they said both 1056 and 1450 have been swelling up a bit in shipment. It's too swollen to smack even, but not tight like they get when they are smacked. I'm doing a starter so I'll check viability and...
  4. Ricand

    Buying new BevAir need modification help

    My lovely wife is buying me a new BevAir model 94 to replace my dead keezer (link in sig). I have an 8 faucet T tower that I want to reuse. I want to get the BB94-1-B with stainless top, no towers or drains. BevAir will not void my warranty if I cut the top, but I'm concerned about the...
  5. Ricand

    Dead Kegerator help please

    Darn it, my kegerator stopped cooling. The power is switching properly to the compressor. It get's really hot and goes out on the thermal protection. I talked to an appliance guy who said a freezer working at refrigerator temps would burn out the compressor every two years or so. Something...
  6. Ricand

    USPS opened my hops and trashed em..

    I ordered some hops from Label Peelers, they were out of Centennial, but offered to send them when they came in at no charge. I just got a big box saying it was opened/damaged by the post office. They took the original box label and cut it, box and all and attached it to the outside. Inside...
  7. Ricand

    Plate chiller technique hosing my beer?

    I love my 40 plate chiller, but I think I might be using it wrong and screwing up my beer. The thought occurred to me when we made an orange wheat again and it didn't have the orange flavor the previous one had, just some orange peel bitterness. We did an FO addition of peel on both of them...
  8. Ricand

    Scaling a commercial brew recipe to 10 gal

    I have a commercial recipe for 3100 gallons of beer. The base malt was 4,200 lbs for example. I put it in BTP and scaled it. The projected OG came out alright at 80% efficiency. The wheat and oats came out to be very small amounts and the 7lbs of Horizon didn't yield the right IBUs...
  9. Ricand

    Costco FTW

    Costco has a great sale going on for Super Bowl Sunday. They had 3L bottles of Chimay Blue for $74. They had more craft and Belgiums than I've ever seen there. The Coors light chicks were there with the Home Draft system for $15.99 and free super bowl pint glasses (6 per customer). I...
  10. Ricand

    Waxing the bottle for preservation

    Does anyone know how Three Floyds keeps their wax drippings attached to the bottle? I tried to do it with a Dark Lord clone (Morgoth the Destroyer) and the drippings all popped off the glass and flared out. It's not awful, and they are surprisingly resilient to breaking. I'd still rather...
  11. Ricand

    Molecular Gastronomy

    Who's our resident MG specialist? Any interesting combos, "spherification of beer" or related efforts? Here's a kit. I'm interested in anything you mad scientists might have done. This seems like something fun to try.
  12. Ricand

    Where to buy Stout faucet / Nitro Tank / Regulator

    Where is the best current place to buy a nitro set up? Wife's b'day is coming up and this is what she wants, keeps reminding me that the date is soon. What make of faucet is the best, does it matter? I know some can be used as a standard faucet by removing the restricter disk as well.
  13. Ricand

    Warning beer can cause memory loss!

    Gotta print this out for the mancave..
  14. Ricand

    Anybody know a good digital illustrator?

    I'm trying to etch my logo on glass, but I need the photograph of my cat Harli made into a black and white no grayscale image. I'd be happy to compensate someone with some tasty homebrew or even a little cash. I just don't know anyone with the required skill set.
  15. Ricand

    Crimp spade lugs for PID controller

    I've just been unable to locate those 'close' spade lugs that work on the tiny (maybe #2?) studs on the PID controllers. Anyone have an online source for me?
  16. Ricand

    Brutus Heat issue?

    I tested the impinged jet burner to see if I needed to go larger than the 6" size. Safe to say it would be crazy to go larger. With the gas on full the entire area around the burner and the keggle were glowing red. The picture doesn't really show how much. I cranked it down significantly...
  17. Ricand

    Filling my own 5lb CO2 tanks

    Does anyone know the technique and hardware needed to fill a smaller tank of CO2 from a larger one? I have two smaller kegerators that use 5lb CO2 tanks and I just bought a larger 20lb tank for a bigger freezer. I can get the tanks filled for $12.50 each plus 50 cents a pound. So 5lb tanks...