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  1. Theshorey

    Irish Blonde Ale

    Looking for an Extract recipe that I can scale down into a 1 or 2 gallon batch. The Irish Blonde Ale caught my eye in the NB catalog, but I'm not ready to do a full size batch of something I'm not sure I''d like... Any recipies or suggestions would be awesome!
  2. Theshorey

    LHBS Stuff

    Hello All, I am looking into opening a LHBS and wanted some input from the home wine makers here on HBT. I know the basics, wine kits, chems, etc., but I'm interested in what you would like to see at your LHBS, or what you order online, but wouldn't mind buying local to save on the...
  3. Theshorey

    Dream LHBS

    Hey All, looking for some help from all the brewers on HBT... I am doing research into opening a LHBS, and I just wanted some input from the "uses" on what they want to see, what they usually buy locally, and in there are any LHBS owners/ operators what doesn't work. I know the basics, hops...
  4. Theshorey

    Traditional wine gone wrong...

    I have been working this summer part-time at a small local winery & distillery. We have a local guy that has a vineyard and makes a traditional wine that we bottle for him to sell in his cafe / store. Now when I say traditional I do mean TRADITIONAL, no chemicals, just pressed grape that are...
  5. Theshorey

    Super fast ec-1118?

    F.U.N. here seeking the wisdom of the knowledgeable out there... I started a 2 gallon batch of Hard Raspberry Lemonade on 3/1, used 4 jugs of Simply Lemonade with Raspberry, 2+ teaspoon of nutrient, and 2 crushed campden, and added sugar to get a SG of 1.073 (shooting for a 6.5-8.5 ABV) On...
  6. Theshorey

    F.U.N. in Maine

    Greetings from the 207! Just wanted to say hello, and see who is around from the state/ area... Soooo glad I found HBT, wayyy too much info for me, but hopefully I can find something on the that will make SWMBO happy so I can continue this new fun hobby!