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  1. IceFisherChris

    Selling Homebrew

    Did you guys hear about the new law in Minnesota allowing home brew to be sold?? Sorry if this has been discussed already. People still will need some sort of permit though. I think this is a very good step...
  2. IceFisherChris

    Have you ever...

    stuck your nose way down into the primary and take a big whiff??? Wow the alcohol vapor almost knocks you backwards!! :mug::mug: Bottling my beer as we speak...
  3. IceFisherChris

    Hop aroma

    I'm sitting here texting a friend about dry hopping, and I told him "don't dry hop until fermentation is done otherwise the aroma will get carried out by the CO2." That is the general consensus that I have heard around here. If this is true, then wouldn't it kind of be a waste to do late hop...
  4. IceFisherChris

    Pressure cooker and beer

    Has anyone tested the effects of using a pressure cooker for beer brewing? For instance, boiling your beer at 240 degrees (or whatever they run) to test for different hop utilization, flavors, etc. I'm not really interested in trying any of this, but I am just curious if anyone has ever...
  5. IceFisherChris

    The making of malt extract

    So when the big shots make our malt extract, what type of grains are they using? I'm interested if anyone knows exactly what they use for the different types.
  6. IceFisherChris

    Types of hops

    When it comes to bittering hops, how much of a difference is there between the final outcome? Do you still get a noticeable amount flavor/aroma from bittering hops? I understand alpha acid and all that stuff, I am just wondering how different a beer would taste if you substituted Chinook...
  7. IceFisherChris

    Boiling hops

    Okay so I recently learned about hop utilization and had to tell some friends who do boils of only 1.5 or 2 gallons. I have had the idea of doing multiple boils. For example; have the regular boil of 2 gallons and also a second pot of plain water (as large as possible.) Essentially you would...
  8. IceFisherChris

    A new guy from WI

    Hello everyone, Chris here. I have been lurking for a little while and love the website. Everyone seems so helpful. I turned 21 back in February and bought myself a brew kit with some loan money. I started out with a cream ale. Spotted Cow is one of my favorite lighter brews and I wanted...