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    I have a mixed berry mead, long story short it fermented dry cleared awesome bottled for a month with zero fallout on the bottom of my bottles it taste good looks good everything went good but it smells like vomit. not horrible like vomit but that's what you think when you start smelling it. any...
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    Cyser ( apple mead )

    I have 3 lbs of clover honey 1 gallon carboy. d-47 1 cinnamon stick 1 clove box of raisins ( small ) 2 cut up red apples skin and all. I put it all together from the start and it smells like wet do there is not one hint of honey, apple, cinnamon or wine. none of the smells im used to...
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    Stopping fermentation

    my hydrometer reads 1.010 on the light side and my fermentation is going strong, i want to stop this so it doesnt finish to dry i do not care for dry mead that has to be backsweetened. I would like to kill it where it sits? I know to chill it re rack it onto sorbates or whatever else you choose...
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    Any suggestions on how to carbanate my mead, im open for suggestions, the 2/3 pf a cup for 5 gallon thing did not do much for me las go around so any suggestions please explain your process please..................cheers more beers.:mug:
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    nutrients and energizers??

    15lbs of clover honey 1 packet of d-47 2.5 tsp of energizer 2.5 tsp of nutrients and enouh spring water to equal the batch to 5 gallons It started bubbling pretty quick and is staying steady, my 3 year old broke my hydrometor while i was makeing the must so i do not have a start reading...
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    Aerating stopped my damn bubbling

    I have a 5 gallon batch of must, lavlin d-47 15 lbs of clover honey, 4ish gallons of spring water and its been sitting in a dark 66 to 70 degree room for three days i noticed a lot of settling so i gave it a little twirly mix now there is visibly a lote less bubbling inside the carboy and my...
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    Mix or not to mix/

    I have a batch of mead going it has 15lbs of clover honey 4 or so gallons of spring water to equal about 5 gallons of must i used 1 packet of lavlin d 47 few teaspoons of nutrient few teaspoons of energizer My airlock started bubbling within 6 hours it is still bubbling 3 days later once...