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    Need a little help with cider flaws

    Hi all, So I just got my score sheets back from a TON of ciders I entered at GLINTCAP this spring--I did really well overall, but there were a few common flaws. 1. First, "V/A" or " Volatile" or "solventy" --I read that this can be caused from too warm of a fermentation or from insufficient...
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    Cider Secondary Temperature?

    Hi everyone, Thanks for all your help so far with my cider adventure! I have many batches at various stages of primary fermentation right now--right around 68 degrees--I know that a bit cooler may be even better but hopefully this will be okay. My question is, I now have the ability to age the...
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    Topping up options for secondary.

    Hi everyone, I have a large number of cider batches that are all getting near the end of primary fermentation and ready to be racked into glass carboys for secondary fermentation... Some of these may have up to a gallon of head-space and was going over potential fixes/ways to top up but I...
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    Cider stalling after Campden Tabs

    Hi everyone, long time lurker first time poster here. I pressed about four gallons of cider and prepared it following which I read about on here. Per their instructions I used 3 campden tabs (150 ppm) per gallon--which translated into 2.5 tabs as I am using...