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  1. J

    Co2 Pressure Drops to zero

    Why would Co2 pressure drop to zero over time once set on the regulator? Seems like if there was leak if would continue to have pressure it would just be leaking at the same time. For the first few kegs that I carbonated I did not have this problem. The only difference is that recently I did...
  2. J

    Storage of washed yeast

    I am about to start washing/storing/reusing yeast for the first time. I've read a lot of different opinions on maximum storage times and usages which seem pretty variable. It seems like the consensus is it depends on the strain in most cases. I am curious if anyone has experimented by...
  3. J

    Keezer cycling too often

    I'm a new brewer, I started at the beginning of the year and have brewed 7 all grain batches. I recently got a really good deal on a chest freezer that someone had already converted into a keezer by putting a steel plate through the front wall with three tap holes. Its 15 years old and was...
  4. J

    Beginner Efficiency Troubleshooting

    I have been researching forums and reading homebrew material to try and figure out what is causing my low OG but I decided to just post all the information and see if someone with more experience can give some tips given my particular situation. I recently brewed my second all-grain 5 gallon...