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    Need help troubleshooting Blichmann Top Tier Burners

    I am not able to attach a video, to show it happen, but I can't adjust the two burners on my Top Tier stand hot enough for both burners to heat water fast enough to be able to have a normal brew day. I follow the instructions on the Blichmann Youtube video, but not enough flame comes out. Not...
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    Blichmann Rims Rocket attachment 220v

    New, in the box, is the Electric Recirculation Heater set up for a Blichmann "Rims Rocket". "Rims Rocket" not included. The RIMS-Rocket operates with 3500 W, 240V and ultra low watt density in order to perform optimally in your RIMS system. It features a "plug and play" 12-foot long factory...
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    TC Leg extensions and wheels for MoreBeer Brand Conical FV $100

    I have leg extensions and wheels for the MoreBeer branded temperature controlled conical. I ended up ordering a different conical fermenter but got stuck with the legs and wheels. Here are the leg extensions:
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    2 weeks and still fermenting?

    Hey all, I did an all-grain Bier-de-Garde. Same recipe 3 times with Wyeast 3711 Saison yeast. Love that yeast. Might be my favorite or second favorite. However, the 4th time we switched it up and did Wyeast Bier-de-Garde yeast. Same recipe and everything, though pitch temp and ferm temp have...