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    Unfermented beer for truly zero alcohol content?

    Would it taste like beer? Think styles with low to zero yeast 'effect'. I am thinking about brewing a beer with an OG in the normal finishing gravity range (like OG of 1.005-1.010) and then after the boil and cool down i would put it directly into kegs for force carbing. (with dryhopping in the...
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    The Black Sheep Of The Family

    So i brewed a beer which i put into 4 glass carboys. I added rehydrated yeast from the same little pan to the 4 different carboys. So 3 of the carboys looks totally the same (thick, vomit looking regular krausen) while the 4th carboy developed a clear white foam with big bubbles (the lag time...
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    Rehydrated yeast started bubbling/foaming

    I rehydrated some yeast in boiled tap water and let it sit for like 30 minutes, it started "fermenting". Is it a good thing or a bad thing? I vaguely remember that it is not a good thing. (like they get used to the enviroment where they "woke" up so they will be less enthusiastic when they...
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    Would you pitch this into wort?

    I am not sure if such thing exists in the USA but what you can see on the picture are sour pickles. Basically this is how it's done: Put water+pickles+spices+a piece of bread on the top into a glass jar. Put it to a warm place (my mother put it into the sun) so it was at like 100F for 3-4 days...
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    How long beer keeps in a "dirty" keg

    So i decided that alongside bottling i will force carb a portion of my beer in soda makers. (those 1-2 liter bottles whose work with small co2 cartridges) Since it takes less than a day to carb a beer this way can i just rinse the bottles with water? I don't think the beer will go bad even the...
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    Can you smell hot fermentation?

    So i brewed a 1.050 beer which i splitted into 4 different 1 gallon fermenters to test different dry yeasts. I do water treatment, ph control, yeast food and rehydrate yeast. I put all of the beers into a swamp cooler. A big heat wave hit the country and by about 24 hours after pitching the...
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    Turning a beer into a sour or funky beer

    I have a beer which i brewed about a year ago. I've seen something which looked like a pellicle on the top of the beer 2 weeks into the fermentation. I left it in the primary since then. The pellicle was a false alarm probably, it is not sour, pellicles disappeared. Headspace is quite big...
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    Is it possible to make good bottle carbed IPAs?

    I have went great lengths to produce a goodish IPA but after about 1.5 years i still have not produced anything getting close to the commercial ones. I use áll the standard and advanced methods out there but something is still off with my bitterness and flavor. Is it actually possible to make...
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    Is this possible?

    I tasted that well known papery aftertaste in an IPA during bottling after 2-3 weeks of primary. I doubt I can screw up primary fermentation that much, I mean I this would be a new low even for me. But here's something else: for the first time ever I tried reusing spent dryhops as bittering...
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    Water and temp questions

    Between removing my mash bag and transferring to the boil kettle the temperature or my mash/wort drops noticeably, like below 140F, will that dry out my beer? Also for a 10L batch i generally mash with 9L water (for 3kg of grains) and "sparge" (i don't really sparge, i just top up the water...
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    Dissolved Oxygen vs. Bottle Carbing

    How much dissolved oxygen you need in your beer for successful bottle carbing? (within the suggested 3 weeks at 70F timeframe) I am thinking about ways of removing or limiting dissolved oxygen in my wort after the main fermentation finished but i am not sure if it would get in the way of...
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    Wine sulphur vs. bottle refermentation

    I am experimenting with some enzymes and additives used in the wine making world but i would add them to my beer. One of these additives would be wine sulphur (potassium metabisulfite) for reducing free oxygen in my beer to preserve aromas longer. Do you think i can use suplhur and still...
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    Carbonating Commercial Wine

    I am thinking about carbonating somw of my favourite shelf white wines the same way i bottlecarb beer to see how they would work as champagne. Two questions: Should i use champagne yeast instead of ale yeast? Will the yeast survive in the wine which contains sulphur and probably zero...
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    Commercial vs. my beer

    So i am drinking a Brewdog Jackhammer right now which seems kinda similar to Pliny which i have made a clone of. I nailed most of the aspects of a good commercial IPA but i seems to lack the body of the commercial ones. Most of the time i get this nutty, sweet, malty, raisiny backbone behind...
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    Help me with the grain ratios in this IRA

    Here is what i know about the beer: style: India Red Ale color: SRM 17 abv: 6.5% yeast: chico or other IPA strain Malts used: pale ale, carared, caraamber, melanoidin I have never used the later three malts, what could have been their percentages in the malt bill?
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    Left bottle caps in Star-San solution

    So i left 20-30pcs bottle caps along with my syphon and bottling wand in Star-San solution for a few days. Now the solution smells like iron. Am i up to some kind of food poisoning if i will still use that bucket, syphon and bottle wand for future batches? (after rinsing of course) What are...
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    What would you do with a Spectrometer?

    DISCLAIMER: I have never used a spectrometer, just have a vague idea of what it can do Since DIY/Affordable spectrometers are getting closer and closer i started to think about how could we better our brews by using one. Here is a cool article about a company...
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    Cleanest dry yeast @ 70F? (no US-05 allowed)

    I want to try something different because i have been using only US05 for all of my beers. I ferment everything around 68-70F. I overpitch. Here's a list of the available yeasts in my country, dry only: -The full Fermentis range -Brewferm Top -Notty -Danstar/Lallemand Windsor Ale -Coopers Top...
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    Bottle Carbing Temperature?

    I bottled a 1.060 beer after two weeks of fermentation, it was fast and healthy. (overpitched and rehydrated US05, 68F, yeast food etc.) The wort smelled completely free of yeast character. No esters or anything just like i intended. Now after 1 week (i know...) of bottle carbing it...
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    Citrus like acidity

    So i have brewed this: 5gal OG 1.060 IBU 60 pale ale malt 1oz Citra 60min 1oz Citra 10min 1oz Wai-Iti 10min 3oz Wai-Iti 0min no dryhops Upon bottling it not only smelled citrusy as expected but also tasted a bit like citrus/acid. Is it normal or is that infection? I never thought that hops...