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    RO Water

    That makes no sense. RO water is just water without minerals.
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    Guilty movie pleasures

    I do like Super Troopers.
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    electric set-up w/ decoction brewing

    It is the same. Kimax, Pyrex, same stuff, borosilicate. It is used on electric burners, not gas. If used with a flame it is a culture tube, not a flask. If used over a flame it is to be disposed after a few uses. US Pyrex isn't always borosilicate glass unless you buy it from a reputable...
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    electric set-up w/ decoction brewing

    Borosilicate glass is not rated for an open flame. Please be careful, hopefully it will just make a mess, but you can lift it off the burner and the bottom will stay there. They get stress fractures from the flame due to the huge differences in temp.
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    What makes the red ale red?

    I get this on a standard beer with 5% special B since I like the flavor addition and about 100g roasted barley added on top of the mash at sparge.
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    Mashed overnight

    The long boil is more for hop isomerization than for sterilization. The wort is sterile soon after it reaches the boil.
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    How to control boil?

    Yes, you need to run it in manual mode when you boil.
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    For you conical fermenter owners...

    Why can't you carry 5 gallons of wort to it a couple times? Thats what I do.
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    How many gallons of homebrew in 2014?

    Red Comet ale 13713.5+15=13728.5
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    Refrigerating wort

    Lucky you didn't get an infection! You settled out much more of the trub, but that would settle after fermentation anyway. Not sure what else it did.
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    What do you hate most about brew day?

    Cleaning. That is the single reason I don't have a brewery yet. Unless I hire someone to do that...;)
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    Mashed in for the first time in 15 months

    Yea, I have lots of grain to brew with. I am going to do back to back 15 gallon batches tonight. I am about ready to mash in on the second one. Helps to have 2 mash tuns.;)
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    Mashed in for the first time in 15 months

    So far it has been, I ran the HLT to 180 mashed in and I was rolling at 152 deg in the cooler. I even added the 1/4 tsp of bss to eliminate the chloramine as I was dumping the water into the HLT. So far so good!!:mug:
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    Mashed in for the first time in 15 months

    I never thought I would quit brewing, but I did. Lots of life happened in the meantime. So, it is time to fill the kegs again! Making my Red Comet, with Comet hops of course. Hope it works out, I have about 300lbs of grain that is going to have a birthday or recently did!
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    Three Kettle Electric Addition

    Very nice set up! Congrats!
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    Late hopping in no-chill?

    I no chill all the time. I add my late hops in the kettle at flame out. Let it sit for about 15 minutes, then run it into my kegs for cooling overnight.
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    No Chill Question

    It settles to the bottom of your fermenter, similar to going through a plate chiller.
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    Screw the Starter

    Hi Ben, I haven't had any issues with contamination doing it this way. The hop utilization is probably different with the no chill brewing, but it isn't enough to require much of a change from the standard recipe.
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    Remember when...

    Back when awnald was cool?