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    Sam Adams tour

    I wasn't sure where to post this , so please feel free to move it to the proper forum if it doesn't belong here. Went to the Sam Adams brewery in Boston on Saturday. Didn't have my camera ,so no photos of the brewery. Had a good time and our tour guide was very friendly and informative. The...
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    First barley wine

    My first barley wine. Brewed last night and used safale 04 for the fist time. Took off like a rocket. o.g. 1.101
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    whirlflock in secondary ?

    I've used whirlflock in my last 2 batches and was amazed with the results. I recently brewed a batch of yellow fizzy stuff for my bmc friends. planned to bottle it this weekend ,but my sister stopped by yesterday and wants me to brew a raspberry ale for her. Her daughter is going into the Army...
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    recipe / hops help

    I found a recipe on line for a Sam Adams clone. problem was it didn't say which S.A. it was. Also it called for using a Munton kit with additions. I did a poor guess with substitutes . Here's what I used for a 4 gallon batch. 3 pounds light DME 1 pound amber DME 1/2 pound crystal 77 (recipe...
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    5 gallon fermenter question.

    Both my PET bottles are 5 gallon. I originally planned to split batches ,but one is in use. I want to brew a 5 gallon batch tonight. Can I do a concentrated batch of say 3 1/2 - 4 gallons and then top of my carboy with sterile water in a couple days when fermentation has slowed ? , or would I...
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    1.5 liter swing top bottle question

    Hi, do my best to avoid newbie questions by searching,but didn't find any info. I bottled a batch of stout and used a 1.5 liter swing top for one I want to age. I assume it's safe, but after a couple days thought it was worth asking rather than end up with a large bottle bomb. This is the...
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    Hamm / Falstaff keg question

    Checked search and didn't find any info. I brew in very small batches and was wondering if anyone has ever re-used or converted one of the old 2 1/4 gallon aluminum kegs for use ? Thanx in advance for any replies.
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    My first homebrew

    This is the first homebrew of mine that I've finally gotten to drink. Did my first extract brew ,which was a nut brown ale. while it was in the secondary I brewed the American lager that came with my kit.I wanted something with a bit more flavor so I added about a 1/4 bottle of molasses to it...
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    second attempt

    This one is for a batch of stout that I plan to brew as soon as the rest of my supplies get here. Named after a friend .
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    First label

    Nothing fancy ,but my first attempt so......
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    Yet another noobie

    Just thought I'd say howdy and introduce myself. Flylock jac is my name ,but please use jac and save your fingers some work. I had a friend who got me hooked on his home brew back in the early 80's. After he got married we drifted apart and hadn't thought much about enjoying a REAL beer in a...