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  1. J

    Harvesting yeast issue

    So I have been harvesting (not washing) yeast for a few months now. Currently WLP 001 which just came out of a wheat pale ale batch. I just brewed a rye pale ale and pitched around 10 ounces of harvested yeast. We are nearing 48 hours without any krauzen activity seen in my better bottle. I'm...
  2. J

    Can't decide which keg kit to buy! (long)

    Which keg kit should I buy? Just bought a regular sized fridge and completely new to kegging! Should I just go ahead and start with the faucets on the outside or start with the standard picnic tap and step up later (keeping money fairly low is an issue) standard 2 keg, ball lock, dual-body...
  3. J

    When to pick?

    This is my first year and I have a cascade and a columbus going strong! They are 18 ft tall and the cascade has been putting out cones for several weeks now and the columbus just started putting out sizeable cones this week. Both seem to be full-size cones and are starting to brown on the edges...
  4. J

    Stuck barleywine

    Alright guys I think I have a good plan of action for my stuck barleywine but wanted you all to weigh in. This is by far the biggest beer I have ever made. OG is 1.122! Used two packs of Notty and some yeast nutrient and it took off! I got tons of blow off and it kept bubbling away for a...
  5. J

    How many bines per string?

    Probably already been asked but I was looking around and didn't see anything. Trained my first hop shoot up the twine and another one is coming up and will soon be big enough to begin training. Do people usually train only one bine per twine or 2-3?
  6. J

    another stuck ferm question but more pointed

    I hate making one of these posts but here it goes: I made an AG Dead Guy Clone 2 weeks ago with an OG of 1.070. Rehydrated S-05 and pitched at 70 F. I tried to keep it at 60 F in my basement and it started around 62 for 4 days or so and has been slightly below 60 (56-60 range) for the...
  7. J

    Water Analysis help!

    I just received an email back from the Water Plant Manager in my area. Their basic report did not have anything we care about as brewers. Here is what he said: "Below are the constituents that we test for: Calcium – 5.8 mg/L Magnesium – 1.4 mg/L Sodium – 8.5 mg/L Total Alkalinity –...
  8. J

    starter help

    I've been looking through starter threads and think this is a unique situation I need some help on. I was given 3 White Labs 515 yeast vials for the price of one because two of them expired on January 8th 2010 and one will expire on Feb 14th 2010. I was planning on making a starter anyways...
  9. J

    First all grain....a big thank you

    I brewed my first all-grain batch yesterday. Got 77% efficiency! Everything was relatively successful, no mess ups I know about. I'm sure I will iron out my process over time. Took me about 5 hours so not too bad. The reason I am posting is to offer a big thank you to the board as a whole...
  10. J

    RJ Rockers Son of a Peach clone recipe?

    My girlfriend goes nuts for this beer! I would love to make a clone for her but both of my peach attempts have been far too subtle peach compared to this beer. It seems to have more of a Peach Cream taste than I can create. Has anyone here tried this beer? It's from South Carolina and the...
  11. J

    brewing this stone pale ale clone tomorrow

    any advice? Here is the recipe which I have already purchased everything from LHBS for. Ingredients: 3 lb Light DME 3.3 lb Light LME Briess CBW 0.5 lbs Munton’s Pale 2-Row Malt 1.5 lbs Crystal Malt 60L 0.5 lbs Crystal Malt 80L 1 oz Yakima Magnum Pellets: AA: 14.4%...
  12. J

    Can't find oxyclean free anywhere!

    Have looked at Target, Kroger, and even Wal-mart. They only have the Versatile. Any other suggestions? I'm just gonna buy PBW in a few days if I can't find it but would like to save some money.
  13. J

    1st Batch: Racked to Secondary Successfully

    I couldn't have done it so easily without this site. Found the Palmer book and there are tons of helpful threads on every subject I was having trouble with. My friends I brew with were astounded at how much I knew about the process since this is our first batch together. Thanks for all the help...
  14. J

    Hello from Atlanta!

    Found this forum the other day after just starting my first kit a couple of days ago. Have already learned a lot lurking so decided to join in the fun posting. I have already made several minor mistakes and learned what to do next time for better beer. Patience is by far the hardest part. Can't...