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    Brewer's Friend Strange Expectation

    This is my 2nd brew session using Brewer's Friend and I'm a bit confused on one thing. It says that the estimated boil gravity is 1.021. I know it should be around 1.040 because it is close to the same starting gravity and finishing gravity as my last brew. Brewer's Friend gave me a 1.040...
  2. K

    PH Check

    I want to dial in my mash ph on my next brew. I've loaded my recipe and water profile into Brun but I want to make sure the acid addition looks correct. I'm brewing a 2.75 gallon batch IPA. Brun is calling for 9 mL of 10% phosphoric acid into the mash. This moves the PH from 5.7 to 5.5. I'll...
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    Help. It's going to be cold tonight!

    Just brewed a Munich Dunkel today. 2.75 gallons, fermenting at 50 degrees. It's supposed to be in the upper 30's tonight. I have a temp controlled refrigerator in my garage but I don't have anything to control the warmth (I live in Florida.) I'm wondering if I could put a lamp in the...
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    Iron Chef Brewoff/Crazy Ingredient

    I went to my local homebrew club meeting last night. We are having an iron chef brewoff in August. I stood in line to pick my required ingredient out of a bowl. They were folded slips of paper with different ingredients. As I waited in line they announced the ingredients that members had...
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    1st competition, dry stout, add black roasted barley post fermentation

    Hoping for some direction here. I'm entering my first competition with a dry stout (local homebrewers club comp.) I brewed 5.5 gallons last Sunday and it fermented out pretty well. 1.042 start/1.012 finish. The problem is I didn't use enough black malted barley and it tastes and looks...
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    dual temperature control for refrigerator

    I was wondering if it is possible to set up a dual temperature controller for a spare refrigerator. I would like to be able to set up one temperature for fermenting in the refrigerator and a lower temperature in the freezer to keep bottled beer ready to drink. Possible?
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    Midwest PET carboy vs. Better Bottle

    I just opened up my new starter kit from Midwest. I received a Midwest plastic carboy that says PET on it. I thought I was going to get a Better Bottle. I did a lot of research prior to ordering a kit and I specifically ordered this kit because I wanted a secondary that was virtually...